ALC presents the KYO.LAM System for the footwear and leather goods sector [SIMAC 2018]KYO 1.6 LCU is a laminator/calendering machine with incorporated cutting, which is perfect for the world of footwear and leather goods

May 10, 2018

KYO 1.6 LCU is the innovative laminator specifically designed to enhance the properties of Kyotex adhesives in all-round coupling.

There are many measures designed to make the machine more productive and efficient. First of all the pneumatic control of the non-stick silicone rollers which allows a constant pressure coupling of different material thicknesses.

The heated silicone roller is increased, thus allowing an optimal transfer of the pressure onto the adhesive. The robust structure of the machine allows high speeds and therefore a high production performance with Kyotex Master Rolls (from 1400 to 1600 mm), coupled with synthetic products and then transformed into coils or sheets with the integrated cutting system.

The backward variant of the same machine is suitable for the application of Pellikola, the film designed by ALC to protect materials during laser cutting. Particular chemistry films that do not damage and do not transmit laser burns on the cut contour on either side of the material.

The KYO 1.6 LPK, among other things, is the only machine of its kind that allows you to unroll two films by separating the protective liner and at the same time joining them obtaining an optimal protection on the manufactured items and recovering waste materials.


ALC Tecnologie Adesive

ALC Tecnologie Adesive, of the Crab Holding Spa group, has been manufacturing a range of technical adhesives and adhesive tapes […]

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