Alfa Centauri and MITEA: technology, quality, and the environment

Located in the green heart of Majella, Alfa Centauri is a leading productive reality in manufacturing small tempered metal parts for the Western world of footwear: a group with more than forty years of experience, and the owner of the MITEA brand.

Feb 02, 2018

The story of Alfa Centauri and MITEA is one of constant growth and an ever-present commitment to excellence in products and services, with respect for the environment, while always looking ahead to the needs of international clientele.

The company first got its start in 1971, with the founding of Bianco Lamine in Guardiagrele, in the province of Chieti. This was just the beginning of what later on will become Alfa Centauri, which immediately dedicates itself to the manufacturing of small metal parts for the footwear industry. Over time, the company’s structure is reinforced, also thanks to the two important acquisitions of Euromeccanica and LBL Stahl, which contribute solid know-how to Alfa Centauri and the brand MITEA, along with strategic brand placement on international markets.  forno-discesa-lamine-zona-tempra

Alfa Centauri continues to invest in the qualification of its plants, through the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies and equipment in order to guarantee efficiency in production and high-quality products. The product range is soon extended to include shanks for insoles, inserts, pins for heels, flexors and thimbles for shoe-last factories. The latest technological investments instead see an upgrading of the company’s moulds workshop and the creation of a department dedicated to the manufacturing of lathe pins for heel factories and metal components for shoe-last factories…

Thanks to the constant qualification of its productive plants, it was possible for the company to successfully overcome the dramatic collapse of its main warehouse in January 2017 caused by an unusual amount of snowfall. The reaction of Alfa Centauri was commendable, and shortly after, thanks to its enormous productive capacity, it was possible to recover the loss of the more than 20 million pairs of shanks destroyed in the event, with the company even ending the year with an increase in sales over 2016.
Today, Alfa Centauri is a firmly rooted reality, with a 6.3-million-euro turnover, and production facilities that extend across 15 thousand square meters, with 7 thousand of them covered. Moreover, its productive capacity arrives at more than 1 million pieces per day. The wide range and attention to the products’ quality allows the company to offer an efficient service with a good quality/price ratio which, for all practical purposes, satisfies the market, while allowing for constant growth. Thanks to these factors, Alfa Centauri and MITEA benefit from excellent placement on the domestic and international markets. pressa-stampo-spine-1 presse-reparto-spine

At the same time, all of MITEA’s products undergo strict quality checks by only the most qualified personnel. Tests and analyses are conducted in the analytical testing and metrology laboratory, which is equipped with GB28011-compliant machines, as per Chinese market standards.

Alongside quality, there is another essential element for Alfa Centauri: the environment. It was only to be expected, since the company was founded in Abruzzo, which is considered the green heart of Europe, with one of its facilities located right outside Majella Park. It is for this reason that the company has invested in technology that guarantees a reduced environmental impact and energy savings.

What will be the future of Alfa Centauri and the MITEA brand? The focus will remain on technology, quality, and the environment, in order to offer qualified products and services to international clientele.

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