Amann inaugurates the new Sewing Technology CenterThe German group Amann is known not only for its threads production, but also for its excellent service. Today, this service moves up to a completely new level, with the transformation of the Sewing Advisory department into the cutting-edge Sewing Technology Center.

Feb 01, 2018
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The new Sewing Technology Center is an extremely spacious setting characterised by ultramodern technology, which allows the company to conduct tests and experiments on threads, thanks to its decades of application-oriented know-how in the field. These special qualities allow the center to offer the best possible service, in a perfect combination of long-time experience and state-of-the-art technology. final-amann_stc_1109a

How does it work? A little like a detective during an investigation. The center, in fact, analyses and makes its calculations, helping customers to find the optimal solution for a specific problem or application. Just like the Amann Group, the Center strives to achieve perfection in creating the perfect stitch for a specific purpose or application.

Amann’s Sewing Technology Center works in close contact with the Amann Innovation Lab founded in 2016, in a synergic rapport that fully benefits the research and development department. The aim is that of developing new, innovative sewing and embroidery threads of the highest quality, which are tailor-made to meet the needs of Amann’s international clientele.

This new “constellation” allows customers to undertake an active role in the phase of research and development and Amann to reinforce its philosophy, which is that of creating a future full of innovative threads.

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