Andrea Pfister, the myth of footwear mythsThe memory of a shoe artist who knew how to enchant women with extemporaneous, sublime and never vulgar creations. Andrea Pfister died on January 24 at his home in France.

Jan 25, 2018
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andrea-pfister_1Andrea Pfister, the artist who will never fade away. I like to define him an avant-garde icon, a forerunner of modern female footwear. With him, style becomes “stylistic art”, capable of interpreting a woman’s wishes through free ideas. The creativity that identified him can be defined as “ephemeral without borders”.
His story would be perfect for a book by Umberto Eco or a Hollywood movie. It is a crescendo of successes, achieved thanks to the innate creativity that characterizes him since adolescence.

Born in Pesaro in 1942, since the early sixties he has established himself as a young creator of women’s shoes, winning several prizes for beginners in Europe. He immediately understood that the passion for women’s footwear would become his life profession and the encounter with Jean-Pierre Dupré generates the right energy to launch himself on to the international stage. A perfect duo, both in private life and as creators of high fashion shoes, anticipators of style and creativity, able to create an extemporaneous, sublime an never vulgar new school of thought free from constraints and based on free interpretation.

andrea-pfister_3The artist’s soul expresses itself through his creations, capable of reflecting women’s dreams and desires. The divas, the most important and popular figures of the second half of the last century, were first of all customers and then friends for life. The charm of its models had no boundaries. He was able to offer high fashion footwear to any woman: from the housewife to the most famous actress, passing through the American First Lady.
Today, Andrea Pfister’s legacy is left to all of us as a story of style that has written the contemporary fashion history. A priceless heritage of creativity, a collection of over 10.000 shoes, invented, designed, created and signed by Andrea Pfister, to which are added about 5.000 pairs, purchased during the course of his life and which compose the Vintage collection (owned by Conceria Stefania S.p.A.). We do not know about an equally large and important collection in the world. A creative, guinness world record artist, who leaves behind a memory that can be studied and delved into by younger generations, a memory that will never cease to be considered an inspiration and a mentor for many of us.
Throughout the years, the genius Andrea Pfister has been subject of study by universities, fashion schools, young designers and footwear enthusiasts. Through his death only a part of his story will be closed, which is now entrusted to future generations who will keep it alive by telling it, interpreting it, admiring it.

The writer has known and attended Andrea in recent years. I hold to heart the goodness of the man and artist, who with humility spent the last period of time increasingly interested in the ethereal world, in nature and human relationships. Dear Andrea, over time your greatness will surely be recognized and I am convinced that history will appropriately praise you.

Ernesto Pisoni
Consultant of the ARSUTORIA Group for the tanning sector

schermata-2018-01-30-alle-19-18-54The genius at the ARSUTORIA school

Laura Muggiani Sancini, daughter of the founder of the ARSUTORIA school and for many years director of the Publishing House, recalls the genius Andrea Pfister and the days when she met him while he attended the renowned school for designers and pattern makers in Milan: “I understood immediately that he was an outstanding individual, a free spirit that belonged more to the future than to his era. A visionary with a deep passion for colours. Although he did not receive a sketching training his sketches were always very fascinating and exciting thanks to the very special ideas that were expressed. His creations are distinguished by the originality of the lines and colour combinations”.


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