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Mar 30, 2017
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Fashion trends from this issue
In accordance with its nature, the most classic and elegant style remains strongly tied to tradition. At the same time, it is renewed through streamlined and lighter shapes, together with unusual leather pairings and, above all, a strongly artisanal look that emphasizes the workmanship and handmade finishes, which are often antiqued. In a word, uniqueness.
The mountain style returns in vogue for sportier men’s footwear, above all in an ankle boot version, but also in sneakers. We find typical hook fastenings, tubular two-tone laces, and heavy-duty soles… But appearances can be deceiving: leathers are often exquisite, with sophisticated antique finishes, and an urban final effect that is very trendy.
It is a winter that loves playing with disguises. Ankle boots, laced, but also sneakers and “snow” models are covered by a host of different decorations: writing, patchwork, floral and damask motifs. Urban folk-chic triumphs.
They continue to dominate; there is no season that can hold them down. The half-height boot is the favourite and we cannot help but appreciate its ability to transform and reinvent itself, to present itself in different faces. The high boot is still around, but has been relegated to second place.

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