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Sep 17, 2017
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Fashion trends from this issue
The focus of the designers, who continue with their tireless work of reinventing the sports shoe by making it fashionable, is on three main models. The classic tennis shoe, the running shoe and the slipper with box sole: these are the structures on which one can work with imaginative graphics or assorted decorations (even feathers)!
The boot enters summer 2018 with versions that range from sporty to trendy. High heels and colourful decorations for the open models, closed models that evoke the country style with a more masculine cut, and models with bright decorations and surfaces for those who don’t want to give up elegance.
Rubber bottoms or with a ruined or aged look. Unstructured moccasins for boating or driving, a soft and comfortable fit also for the lace-ups inspired by desert boots, and flexible bottoms also for the most classic derbies that love the informal look.
Elegance does not only have one meaning, its taste is expressed with different initials, and those of the alphabet may not be enough. Here we talk about colours and mixed materials, about moccasins with metallic effects, a mishmash of colours or the most classic vamp. Then we move onto the classic lace up, double buckle or very summery weave.
The hardest, “toughest” trend. It is expressed above all in highly engraved bottoms, in square, almost basic metal fittings. When present, decoration is close to the tribal sensitivity. We move within the area of boots or booties, until we arrive to the most technical and performing materials.
Acid fluorescent colours, bright reds and hints of yellow. These are the favourite colours of materials that extend towards very vital atmospheres that are full of shades.

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