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Dec 01, 2017
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Conceria Montebello: heartfelt passion and intelligent hands
RIRI designs a perfect snap botton for technical items
ALC: Laser cutting has never been so easy
SOLLINI, fashion items and innovative products
LAMONTI CUOIO, sophisticated graphics and luminous effects
Sensational Italsform
Sympatex presents a recycled and climate-neutral children’s shoe
Gruppo Mastrotto, new openings in America and Asia
ISA TanTec sets foot in Italy


Simultaneous application of the 3D studs from Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani
Comelz, the multi-ply cutting system for Industry 4.0
Torielli, inaugurates its new headquarters in a mix of tradition and innovation
Main Group Technologies launches Ross 260 T for the production of high-quality and high-strength soles.
Opera Egg, the Shazam of colours
SmartPixels: Augmented reality and footwear
HP relies on 3D technology to revolutionise the footwear sector
elsa-shoes™, the integrated platform for mass customisation in the footwear industry


The 20th UITIC Congress in Porto
LINEAPELLE, dynamicity for both the fair and the leather industry
ARSUTORIA School and the future of Lombard footwear workers.
Première Classe: accessories are fashionable
Première Vision Paris surpasses 60,000 visitors
Fashion trends from this issue
The vital part of next autumn/winter searches for full, deep and warm colours. Only in some cases does it flow into fluorescent colours. The patchwork can be optical, but tidy, to be applied, for example, to fabrics and zips.
A real cruise into luxury featuring precious materials par excellence (real or printed) that, as has been customary for a few seasons now, love to renew themselves and to experiment, even by covering their traditional textures. Th is results in very strong melange colours, artisan embroidery on reptile surfaces, hand-drawn designs like small works of art, backgrounds in contrasting colours and delicate geometric etching on metallic eff ects.
Foggy effects, capable of smoothing out the panorama, of softening the tones, of moving everything towards white and neutral tones of grey. From there, it is only a short step to black. This atmosphere includes transparencies, pearly shades and some metallic effects. As occurs throughout the season, the surfaces must be moved imperceptibly with subtle prints and also with bold and imaginative graphics.
Warm, very warm. Elegant and chic. Key words for the entire world that relies on fur and hair. There are varying lengths of shaved cavallino leather and even shearling. The colours are very interesting as are the inserts of materials that play with the contrast and the surprising aspect of opposing material and tones.

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Conceria Montebello

Giuseppe Dalle Mese left for France to seek his fortune and found work in a wire drawing factory in Le […]

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