ARSUTORIA School undertakes professional trainingThe famous pattern-making school in Milan extends its activity to include professional training. One of the first commitments is to train young people from the earthquake-hit region of the Marche to work in footwear production.

Dec 20, 2017
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Terremoto: Della Valle, fabbrica Tod's Arquata apre dicembreThe 2016 earthquake that hit the regions of Umbria and the Marche brought the inhabitants and the territory to its knees and, with them, the well-known footwear production chain.

Many organisations have contributed and will contribute to helping the Marche return to live a normal life, to rebuild houses, but above all, to regain confidence and find work.

These include Diego and Andrea Della Valle of Tod’s who have invested in an important project: a shoe factory in Arquata del Tronto which, from December 2017, provides jobs to many young people in the earthquake area, and to then give this same opportunity to others in 2018.

“This factory is the proof that it can be done, you can invest in this area. The people are showing great dignity, they want to work,” underlined the entrepreneurs of the Marche region.

However, proper preparation and training is needed to work in a shoe factory. IAL – Innovazione Apprendimento Lavoro Marche – will take care of this aspect by organising various training programs on footwear production, in which ARSUTORIA School has participated. The aim of the international school based in Milan is to contribute to the professional training of generic shoe workers, which in its entirety includes 400 hours of training.

tods-arsutoria-school-arquata-del-tronto-terremoto-studentiAt the end of this process, the young people from the Marche will be able to follow the footwear production stages, performing the typical activities of the chain, such as assembly and finishing. ARSUTORIA School will organise three days of introduction to the footwear manufacturing to provide future workers with a solid foundation on which to build their professional career in the footwear business.


ARSUTORIA School has been organizing shoes and bags design and pattern making courses since 1947, courses globally recognized as the […]

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