Arsutoria Trends Guide AW1920 – Arctic ExplorerThe world of arctic explorers plays with unusual materials which are in contrast with the futuristic environments of the metropolis in a science fiction imaginary.

Jun 28, 2018
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Fight urban wars in the Arctic desert. Winter adventure sports. Inspiration that comes from the Industrial world. From “work in progress” to hard and high-tech industrial structures.

Living the extreme in “safety”. Arctic conditions. Cold and frost, strong wind and dry land.

Protect yourself from natural and unnatural events. Explore environments equipped as superhuman researchers.

The world of active shoes likes to interpret unusual materials which are in contrast with the futuristic environments of the metropolis in a science fiction imaginary.



Tones of the industrial world are interpreted with lively techno-glam colours. The technology of the future is colourful, reflective and mirrored. Mustard combined with anthracite turns into air force blue. Brick orange with aubergine purple and orange red.



Fabrics and leathers, components and soles are the subject of renewal through sport technologies - safety - protection - comfort. From coatings to reactive pigments, from foils to finishing treatments, peculiar applications transform the look and the way to use each of them.

There is a mix of technical fabrics such as cordura nylon, rip-stop patterns and lasered micro-graphics.

The sporty look becomes an object of experimentation. Stretch is an important element for performance. The knitted-like world provides more and more applications and interpretations through innovative and irregular yarns. Treatments which confer reflections, lights, sparkles, become a must to make the industrial look more feminine. Reversible, oiled leathers, with a nylon touch. Leather coverings emphasize performance. Special membranes are applied to skins with laser technologies.


Volumes remain large, inspired by the typical fit of sports technical models and winter hiking shoes. Tips are squared and beveled, alternating with thin trimmed ones for kitten heels.

Bottoms are always important and impressive, both for the single-block platform and the dressy rubber soles or the glamour runners. Creativity covers boots thanks to the new tubular volumes with a “slouchy” effect.

The volumes of the most innovative sneakers are hybrids: they mix the basketball world

of the 80’s with the manga platforms 90’s style. The sneakers with the spoiler join the wallabe model with a tech touch.


From semi-soft to high-performing stiff, volumes are oversize. Explorer bags and backpacks are top models. Tie-rods, zips and fasteners are spread on pockets and face.

The application of thermoadhesives and heat-sealed seams make the cross-body models more interesting.













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