Arsutoria Trends Guide AW1920 – Untamed FlowThe contemporary savage, not controlled by artistic rules. An Afro-folk world telling the new artistic multiracial trends, contaminated by 90’s manga characters.

Jun 29, 2018
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The contemporary savage, not controlled by artistic rules.

Projected in the future, through aesthetic elements and indomitable attitudes, not tamed by mainstream canons.
An Afro-folk world telling the new artistic multiracial trends, contaminated by 90’s manga characters typical of the Japanese culture.

New pop icons grow among the generation born in the 2000s, which is strongly projected into the fantastic and hyper-real contemporary world.
The metropolitan environment is inhabited by folk characters such as Afro animaliers,
manga souls, exotic trophies and insane k-pop idols.



Schizophrenic tones unite vegetable browns and indigo stone wash colours with fluo tones and bold colours. A rich and articulated palette in a nonsense pop naïve melange avant-garde. Fuchsia and chrome yellow tangerine, purple and gold confer bright accents to the palette.



Folk, decor, Afro, Latin American repertoir: fur of different lengths, leathers with oversize grain covered with bright foils, mix of mélange yarns, oxidized and hyper-polished metal components emery, even in gold leaf versions. The skins are polished, goats and lambs with multicolour effects.

Processing organic matter, mixing it with recovery compounds, recycling effects and processes. Combining sacred and sporty, wild and retro, tribal and manga.

Hand-made mesh, doubled with high tech membranes. Floral motifs inspired by symbolic elements of Hispanic and Afro-Arab cultures. Filigree metals with coloured oxidations. Macro tweed and double stretch. Prince of Wales knit effect, doubled with neoprene. A profusion of hardware details for oxidized, lacquered and colored ornaments with super-shiny and reflective enamels. Recalls of vintage jewelry with Burning Man motifs, Afro mosaics, pop feathers and reptiles, and Dragon Ball manga.


Retro volumes for both women and men, with squared details in the elongated tip and medium heel. Stiletto models are slender and sexy, with a very high-fitting fit thanks to the stretch materials of the upper.

70’s male loafers in natural crocodile.

Knee boots with a retro heel and a rounded tubular leg. Texan heel models are interpreted on block and elongated fit bottoms.

Hand, rigid and semi-rigid, micro and medium volumes with over shaped bottoms and sides. Trapezium and box structure shapes have become the new volume of must-have bags.

Metal handles and fasteners show visibly large-sized details and are over-proportioned to the model.













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The result is a unique research, divided into different themes, which are analyzed into several aspects.


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