Asoltex: traditional and technological ‘combinations’In the heart of the Sportsystem of Montebelluna, Accoppiatura di Asolo has capably taken the excellences of a precious network of specialised subcontractors, representing 65% of the worldwide production of ski-shoes and 80% of the production of motorcycle footwear, and made them its very own.

May 15, 2018

Since 1978, Asoltex has been specialized in the creation of items that are the result of different material combinations and capable of offering optimal features, in terms of performance, dynamic comfort and stylistic research. Without a doubt, standing out among these products are technical sports fabrics, a segment that has been the protagonist of significant changes and new trends in recent years. As in fact underlined by Giovanni Turconi, R&D and Sales Manager for Asoltex:

With stitching becoming less common in uppers, thanks to combinations of supportive PU film and the Fly-knit phenomenon launched in Asia by Nike, producers and users are now able to benefit from lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and customisable footwear. This has led to our selection of a range of solutions capable of offering a simplification of traditional productive processes. At the same time, there is an increased demand in terms of technical performance, lightness and comfort, also in more specialised footwear types like, for example, heavy-duty mountain boots and items for winter sports. More recently, a growing number of brands has inserted the theme of sustainability and an eco-friendly approach among their research and marketing priorities.


Asoltex has tried to reply to the new challenges and needs of the market with the development of proposals capable of being immediately applied in the sector of sports shoes, also taking note of the partial “re-entry” in Europe of some projects that had previously been outsourced years ago to Asia. Among these, standing out in particular are the products:

  • KERAM – triple-layer, breathable, and waterproof, with a high resistance to abrasion, thanks to the use of an OSMOTEX membrane for the upper/gaiter, it is ideally suited to winter sports shoes (outsoles).
  • 3D Fabrics for linings and uppers (ARROW, ATHENA, PLANET) that offer a high degree of breathability, lightness, and an attractive look.
  • PRIMALOFT® GRIP – combinations of dual and triple layers for heat insulation with a reduced thickness that can be modified to suit the needs of the user.
  • PRIMALOFT®YARN – a “fleece” line based on PrimaLoft® Yarn technology: maximum heat insulation with a reduced weight.
  • AIRTEX –recycled “eco-friendly” PU agglomerate, which is breathable with shock-absorption for hygienic insoles that are extremely comfortable.
  • ULTRALON® - polyolefinic expanded foams with high thermoformable capabilities, available before moulding or combined with stretch fabrics.

When compared to products used in the past, these items offer greater comfort and a look that follows the latest sector fashion trends, while satisfying the expectations of the end user. In particular, they offer greater protection from atmospheric agents (water resistance, breathability, insulation from the cold or heat), greater lightness and easy maintenance – requirements that are by now fundamental for footwear that is increasingly used even as everyday footwear -, and a more attractive look offered by the use of not only technical-looking fabrics, but also fashion contaminations.


ASOLTEX – Accoppiatura di Asolo – is specialized in the creation of articles by combining different materials such as: textiles (orthogonal, […]

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