Better than newPatagonia's Worn Wear tour, whose aim is to encourage people to prolong the life of their items of clothing for as long as possible, points to a different road towards sustainability.

Jul 03, 2017
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fishpatch_lowIn 2017 Sweden submitted a bill to reduce taxation on all the repairs of many objects, amongst which clothing and footware. A significant reduction: from 25% to 12%.

An interesting tax philosophy which pushes people towards sustainable habits and which is certainly shared by a giant of the outdoor apparel industry such as Patagonia.

Indeed, in 2016 Patagonia's Worn Wear tour has visited 7 countries and repaired more than 2000 garments.

What is it? It's a downright mission “on the road “ to encourage people not to throw away their garments simply because they are ripped or torn.

An itinerant sartorial laboratory complete with industrial sewing machines – a laboratory where a specialized staff offers free repairs of zips, zipper pull tabs, buttons, fabrics that have holes or are ripped and more, by any brand, giving people precious advice on how to fix jackets, trousers and tops on their own.

ww-digital-assets-9_low“To create a product that can last over time and that can be repaired is the first and foremost step towards effectively limiting our impact on the environment”, says Rose Marcario,  Patagonia's CEO.

Suffice it to think that by simply holding on to what we wear for an extra nine months, we can reduce the relative environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions, waste and water consumption by 20-30%; and all this can be achieved by just throwing away a smaller amount of things.

Patagonia is partner of  Fair Trade USA: for every Fair Trade Certified item, Patagonia pays a premium. The money goes into an account the workers control.

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