New goals in bonding with controlled-pressure adhesive tapesALC TECNOLOGIE ADESIVE presents simultaneously at SIMAC and LINEAPELLE a series of Process Innovations for Footwear and Leather Goods

Feb 20, 2018

ALC TECNOLOGIE ADESIVE presents many news dedicated to technology and innovation for Footwear and Leather goods, at the trade fairs in Milan:

  •  KYOTEX® system for semi-structural bonding
  •  KYO 100 S: Controlled Pressure pneumatic (semi-automatic)
  •  KYO 101: Pressure/Temperature/Speed modulable and repeatable according to the recipe (PLC)

K500_01.aiThe new generation of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) with high cohesive modulus now makes it possible to create semi-structural and defined bonding, i.e. perfectly squared.

The KYOTEX ® SYSTEM has been mainly dedicated to the assembly of cleaning soles, more than 3 billion pairs of shoes are produced worldwide using this method, while in more recent times the System has been successfully adopted in the production of the fussbett and various leather goods applications.

But it’s only in the last year that the ALC Research Centre of Mogliano Veneto has developed the new technology that maintains the ease of use of PSAs and boosts their performances: Bindings, Coverings, Shoulder Belts.

Leather processing includes several critical applications where high adhesion is required without altering the natural state of the hide (think of handbag handles, which are highly stressed by twists and intense micro-movements).

The adhesive tapes presented by the Turin-based company are completely free of solvent, 100% dry residue, with high cohesive modulus:

  • ORO (highly technical product with a specific application protocol)
  • OROROSSO (high modulus with good initial tack, easy to use)
  • OROBIANCO (designed specifically for large overseas production, high stickiness)

These formulations allow obtaining a spot coating with excellent TRANSPIRABILITY.

But the real success factor is the application method since the performance characteristics of the adhesives are optimised by the new CONTROLLED and CALIBRATED PRESSURE system, which gives the customer the possibility of modulating the adhesion as needed.

Therefore, Companies with outsourced production can work according to the recipe of each individual model and demand the same operating method from subcontractors (KYO 101).

schermata-sfumataKYOTEX® system for laser-cut protection

The KYOTEX System pays great attention to protecting the customer’s products. It produces protective films intended both for the processing of soles and heels (the leather is protected by a PE film at all stages of the process) and for the laser cutting operations, thanks to the following machines:

  • KYO 500: for the application of PelliKola on leather items (up to 500mm in height)
  • KYO 1.6 LPL: laminator for large productions (up to 1600 mm in height)

Both machines are designed for two functions: to couple leather/synthetics with the KYOTEX ® adhesive and to apply a protective film on and under the item to be laser cut.

The KYOTEX ® System with Laser Cut protection guarantees HIGH PRODUCTIVITY in the preparation and QUALITY of the automatic application of Controlled Pressure rollers: no bubble or imperfection in the application phase and there is no need to clean the finished product at the end of the process.

This results in lower production costs and near-zero waste, particularly those caused by the “overflowing” characteristics of hand-applied protections.

Two types of products applied: PelliKola and CartiKola, in different combinations according to the needs. In particular, the two products combined allows optimal heat dissipation with laser work performed very close together (think of small grinding processes) without burning and melting parts.

ALC Tecnologie Adesive

ALC Tecnologie Adesive, of the Crab Holding Spa group, has been manufacturing a range of technical adhesives and adhesive tapes […]

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