Caligola4: design and project management Comelz presents Caligola4, the most powerful instrument for industrial design

Sep 05, 2017

Leader in integrated technological solutions for the footwear and leather goods industries, Comelz presents Caligola4, the most powerful instrument for industrial design. And that’s not all.

xxAmong the top ranking CAD software programs on the market, Caligola4 has made much progress since the Nineties: fruit of constant research and the ability to listen to the real needs of users, it has evolved over time, becoming one of the most powerful and complex instruments out there capable of integrating all the functions of footwear design and production. Moreover, thanks to its ability to communicate with PDM- Production Data Management instruments and other company databases, today Caligola4 is proposed with new and important design and data management functions.

How does Caligola4 work? The part dedicated to the design and engineering of the model (added margins, piece shaping, shanks, gradations, etc.) is simple and quick, thanks to a wide range of functions and instruments, which can also be customized. Through the “Technical Datasheets” integrated form, the project is connected to a series of information that is useful to production and management: from Pay checks to Jobs Responsibilities Worksheets, from the Bill of Materials to Consumption calculations… Moreover, it is possible to create a database of Materials, Accessories, and Processes or import them from the company’s database.


Thanks to these instruments, Caligola4 users get a genuinely complete picture of the project: from the design to the effective cost calculation, with the advantage that all the information is interconnected and automatically updated in real time whenever any change is made to the project: from changes to the shape of the pieces, to the materials used and their cost.

Caligola4 effectively integrates the phases of Pattern Making, Production, and Management, perfectly adapting itself to the needs of the Industry 4.0. Once again, the key to its efficiency lies in its ability to communicate with any system or program (CAD, PDM and databases); an ability that is further reinforced by the possibility of personalizing, through the writing of specific plug-ins, external software modules that can be accessed by Caligola4.

This is why today Caligola4 is the best ally to pattern makers and businesses: its complete vision of the project makes it a one-of-a-kind instrument that is both reliable and efficient.

Comelz S.p.A.

Founded in 1943, Comelz has been among the earliest companies to create a new industrial season based on the diffusion […]

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