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ISA TanTec commences construction of its second tannery in Vietnam

Following last year’s announcement of the establishment of its second tannery in Vietnam (the fifth tannery of the ISA TanTec group), TransAsia TanTec, ISA TanTec reports the site piling work has been finalized.

Klein Karoo International switches to solar energy.

The South African tannery has installed a system of solar panels that can meet the energy needs of its production plant.

Textiles on the foreground [Special Textiles 2019]

In recent seasons the world of footwear and accessories has been characterised by a different momentum in the use of materials

Between performance and fashion [Special Textiles 2019]

Sport as a bridge between performance and fashion in search of new style hybrids

The evolution of production processes in textiles [Special Textiles 2019]

Presentation of some textile companies that have distinguished themselves for a different approach on manufacturing processes

Between craftsmanship and fashion, discovering ancient techniques [Special Textiles 2019]

Productive realities in balance between hand-made and industry, which re-interpret ancient techniques at the service of fashion

Sustainability in textiles:  which road to follow? [Special Textiles 2019]

The sustainability of the textile sector has been in the spotlight and is now a reality, as seldom before

Michelin’s collaborations

Many important brands of Outdoor footwear have chosen Michelin as the ideal partner to develop their collections

RIRI thinks about performance

Performance, innovation and design are perfectly embodied in the brand new Aquatyre Zip

The fluo sport of MORO MINUTERIE

The fluo trend is back in the spotlight affecting also sports shoe accessories. Moro Minuterie adds aesthetic refinement, functionality and 100% Italian quality.

Sollini Gino, 50 years of ‘home delivery’ accessories for footwear

Thanks to an approach that, first of all, aims at a trusting relationship with the customer, in half a century of activity, Sollini has built a partnership/consultancy relationship with the most important Italian and international shoe manufacturers

Between past and future, experience and technology, research of materials and products

These are the strong points of SOL.E.A s.r.l., a consolidated and over forty-years old insole factory that produces insoles for women’s, men’s and children’s shoes

UNIC obtains the ISO 9001:2015 Certification

To offer high-level services to its members with rigor and authority, UNIC continues its path of improving its quality level.

Arsutoria 439 – Technology & Innovation Download

Arsutoria 439 includes the Focus Report on Technology & Innovation.
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AUTEC, an increasingly flexible automation

Increasingly smaller and more varied batch productions push automation towards flexibility concepts

Collaboration and sustainability for Gusbi

Collaborative marketing to demonstrate the advantages of automation and Green Label are among the central themes of the Vigevano based company’s industrial philosophy

“AuTOMation comes to fashion”

It is a journey at the origin of fashion the one proposed by companies of the Atom group to Simac Tanning Tech 2019. Main Group presented an innovative automatic mould change system

Further developments for Atom  cutting systems

Simac 2019 was able to appreciate the further improvements made to the already running cutting systems made by Atom

ATOM MB and the progress of automation for degreasing, carding and double-glueing

The RAMS (Robot Assisted Manufacturing System) project finds its fulfillment in the high-productivity automated line, capable of handling degreasing, carding and double-glueing operations

Tecno2 insoles pressing machine  and universal sole press

T3000 and T/72 are two very reliable machines, capable of increasing productivity, and equipped with 4.0 technology

Ciucani, for industrial handmade products

Innovation is a challenge that Ciucani has gladly accepted, year after year, taking on board the stimulus to improve the technology it makes available to footwear manufacturers

Stemma’s spray injection technology  for the occupational world

You see many of them around now, these clogs are similar to those found at the Stemma stand during Simac 2019. But there is a real novelty behind the appearance

Klick, the solution to automate the preprinting process

Once again, Elitron proved to be at the forefront as far as automation development is concerned, presenting Klick at Simac 2019 in Milan

BASF presents easy to produce torsion-resistant inserts and a green collaboration

Innovative polyurethane systems for the footwear sector and Ultrasim®, a computer simulation specifically developed to produce torsion-resistant footwear inserts. These are the news of BASF presented at Simac 2019

Sagitta innovates perforations and the application of studs

Two important innovations that aim, as always, at qualitative excellence and absolute precision in the world of decorations

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Desma breaks ground and inaugurates the ‘Factory of the Future’

The worldwide leader for plants, machinery, automation solutions and moulds for industrial footwear production gets ready to face new challenges in the global market with the construction of a new factory designed to reflect cutting-edge LEAN production methods: 12,000 square metres of production plus 4,500 square metres of office space in Achim, Germany, will be up and running by Fall 2020.

Textiles on the foreground [Special Textiles 2019]

In recent seasons the world of footwear and accessories has been characterised by a different momentum in the use of materials

Jun 10, 2019

Guide to textile trade fairs: which one to choose? [Special Textiles 2019]

A brief key to interpretation of the most important events of the complex panorama of the textile sector

Jun 10, 2019

Fairs and events of the textile field [Special Textile 2019]

An analysis of the most interesting trade fair events in the textile world

Between performance and fashion [Special Textiles 2019]

Sport as a bridge between performance and fashion in search of new style hybrids