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Euromatrici: The new way to skive

From Euromatrici, an innovative system for the skiving of shank boards arrives, allowing for the optimization of working times.

Contemporary canvases by Tessitura Attilio Imperiali and Segre & Schieppati

Among visual suggestions and textile researches, experimentation encounters tradition and gives life to a very special project developed by Tessitura Attilio Imperiali and Segre & Schieppati

The Ramponi Prize is in the hands of a French designer

The contest conceived by Alfredo Ramponi becomes international, and rewards the appeal of the French Sainte Courtisane brand at WHITE MILANO. From this edition, the contest remains open all year round.

Schmid continues to believe in young people

The world’s leading brand for the production of converters in the footwear and leather goods sector has been collaborating with the most important fashion and design schools for many years, promoting the growth of young talented designers and demonstrating that they are always looking to the future of fashion.

New innovative technologies, renewed collaborations and a capsule collection to celebrate the anniversary of the brand owned by Invista.

Gruppo Mastrotto opens in Milan

The main European tanning group has inaugurated a new Leather Fashion Hub in the Italian fashion and design capital, after the one opened in London last year.

Footwear technicians meet up in Porto for the 20th edition of UITIC

Footwear technicians meet up in Porto, Portugal, for the 20th edition of the UITIC Congress

Safety Footwear: 7.8 billion USD in 2024

Global Market Insights’ forecasts for the safety footwear market in 2024. The biggest stimulators of growth, the development of the construction industry, and the implementation of safety standards.

Cimac, partner for CE certification on PPE requirements

Eng. Giuseppe Bellotti of CIMAC explains the requirements for PPE according to the new EU Regulation 425/2016

Innovation from Gamar

QLS (Quick Lacing System) and PlastiQuick by Gamar presented during Lineapelle

AnyPlan, a custom program for trade shows

The application was designed and created by Honegger and is the first matchmaking app for any trade show in the world.

Vapesol is always a step ahead, in quality and innovation

Vapesol, protagonist at Lineapelle fair with a new collection of soles

S.I.S. – Indispensable partner for quality soles

S.I.S. s.r.l., a leader in the production of soles, heels and sheets in compact and foam rubber for the footwear industry, focuses on quality.

Elitron – Plaza TH: technological innovation in cutting machines

Elitron presentS an independent, double beam system, equipped with multi-tool carriages with electric or pneumatic heads and new-improved Kudos systems.

Comelz presents the new ESA NEK

The leather digitizer developed by the ITALIAN company ensures a thorough surface inspection, enhancing the characteristics of leathers of all kinds and colours.

Miran: Details that make the difference

This slogan contains the manufacturing and commercial philosophy of MIRAN s.r.l., a company from Barletta with a leading position in the manufacturing of thermoplastic accessories and removable insoles for footwear and leather goods.

Leather Preview by Inspiramais: Winter 2018 fashion trends

It may seem like an exercise of guess work, but it’s pure research: Preview do Couro (Leather Preview) anticipates what will sure dictate fashion in the Winter 2018 season.

SCHMID, a summer between Futuristic & Naturalia

The new Schmid SS 2018 collection begins, as always, by a thorough research of the major international fashion trends.

Stemma, unstoppable growth

A new headquarters for the Treviso company that continues to improve its performance and gain new markets.

Here is the 2018 summer according to DAVOS

The key words of the new collection are proactivity, innovation, research and development, study and customer focus.

Arsutoria Trend Seminar at Satra

On January 24th Arsutoria held the 2° UK Trend Seminar in collaboration with Satra.Hosted at the headquarter in Kettering (UK), Arsutoria presented the […]

Plaginsa, competitive sustainability in the rubber sole industry

Attention to the environment and a wide and varied production, able to meet the needs of the market for Plaginsa, the Spanish company that has a leading position in the rubber sole segment

SILGA GOMMA: Quality and made-to-measure soles

With more than 50 years of history behind it Silga Gomma offers the market technologically advanced soles studied to customer requirements

DryGo! one of the most innovative Valfussbett’s products

From Valfussbett, insoles with superior comfort, thanks to their optimal absorption and increased rapidity in releasing humidity

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Jun 28, 2018

Arsutoria Trends Guide AW1920 – Arctic Explorer

The world of arctic explorers plays with unusual materials which are in contrast with the futuristic environments of the metropolis in a science fiction imaginary.

Kiefer Von Zoe: eco-friendly insoles for high heels, even without a shank

Cutting-edge in the production of high quality materials for assembly insoles in footwear with and without metallic midplates, the company presents its state-of-the-art eco-sustainable products: KPT and the ‘top of the range’ NPU GREEN.

iTen®, ergonomics and softness for the new soles line

Mondial Suole improves the comfort of footwear with its new brand iTen®. The new brand adopts the ENERLYTETM system by The Dow Chemical Company for more ergonomics and softness to the touch.

Jun 27, 2018

“For us sustainability is a way of working”

The past year has closed with positive figures for Italian tanners, but the global context is still weak and unstable. President Gianni Russo points out that the sector invests 4% of its turnover in sustainable projects: a burdensome effort to be proud of, but which must be communicated better.

Jun 27, 2018


Matteo Ward (co-founder and CEO), Silvia Giovanardi (creative director) and Victor Santiago (art and talent director) are three young entrepreneurs and the creative minds behind WRÅD, which is not only an emerging brand, but a real movement that acts as a spokesperson for important issues aimed at triggering a sustainable revolution in the fashion world.