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Prestige and research in the double appointment with Ramponi at WHITE

The unique creations of GEDEBE conquer the sixth edition of the Ramponi Prize, while the exhibition with the designers of past editions launches the project Talent Network.

Perspair, the future of the upper is already here

From Smart Textile Solutions an innovative material that is not a jersey nor a knitted base, but a very reliable woven material, made from high tenacity Polyamide, which uses the Combo Technology to bond fibers together in order to make breathable and resistant seamless uppers.

Nuova Stamor, moulding the future

Fifty years of history and a great experience at the service of a “Full Plastic” future for one of the international leaders in mould manufacturing

Arpex Textiles: Accessories that offer protection

A dynamic and versatile firm, Arpex Textiles srl represents a young and enterprising spirit in the manufacturing sector of all kinds of laces and tapes

Italbraid is continually growing

The company from Barletta bases its success on research, quality of materials and high production capacity, in addition to excellent customer care and a very fast sampling department.

Industrie Chimiche Forestali’s Outdoor proposals

The fair of Friedrichshafen is the most important event for the European Outdoor Industry. We talk to Industrie Chimiche Forestali about products dedicated to this industry

Gamar Quick Lock: Tying your shoes… will never be the same!

An innovative fastening system that ensures everyone – including athletes and lovers of fashion – will have a comfortable, functional, safe, and cool system for locking laces. The Quick Lock system by Gamar is also advantageous for footwear manufacturers, streamlining the construction of the shoe.

Fioretto, working side by side  with footwear manufacturers

Technology and great experience in the field of footwear machinery makes Fioretto a serious and reliable partner.

Cerim, between history and the future

Cerim proposes its vision of the future by updating the K78 machine, which has been decisive for the history and success of the company from Vigevano.

Comelz, with the “15 innovative eyes” of the Vision System

Fruit of the most innovative research, the new Vision system conceived by this company from Vigevano is well-suited to becoming the very best ally to the footwear industry, above all for seamless productions that are revolutionizing the way sports shoes are perceived.

Schmid’s technical/sports materials

The company of San Giuliano Milanese has always been appreciated for its materials attentive to fashion trends, and is also distinguished by a technical offering suitable for the world of sneakers and sports in general

Giardini, endless passion for finishing

Giardini Group works in different fields of the footwear and leather goods finishing world, which involve the manufacturing up to the final customer.

The excellence of the leathers made in Italy by Conceria del Chienti

Baby calves, calves, goatskins and exotic leathers are the specialities of Conceria del Chienti, which has been manufacturing high-quality leathers entirely made in Italy since 1924.

High-quality projects? Be careful not to use the wrong tools!

Antonelli Romeo is a synonym for quality in many of the sectors in which it operates for the world of footwear and leather goods: moulds, die cutting machines, accessories, laser cutting, pattern making.

MI.TE.A., not just shanks

Quality, respect of the environment and customer satisfaction

Overmec: innovation, technology, and sustainability

Sustainability of the industrial production system, environmental impact of products, workplace safety, and quality of the finished product.

Gusbi and Autec, we work better together

Their collaboration has been ongoing for the past 20 years, with reciprocal trust, and goals and milestones that are exactly the same: increasing productivity, all the while improving service and product quality

ENER-G, innovation 100% made in Italy

The Ener-G by Grisport shoe is a state-of-the-art trailrunning shoe thanks to a lot of innovative technologies

Comelz, Industry 4.0

Integration of technologies and total quality control

Main Group Technologies, Made in Italy experience for made-to-order technology

Main Group Technologies just presented Pragma, a modular state-of-the-art machine, which is flexible and user-friendly for direct injection onto uppers in combined materials

Elitron at Simac 2017: the evolution of the digital cut

The new Plaza TH double-headed system made its debut for the very first time at SIMAC

Brustia: new technology  for “super” heels

The latest trends in fashion often call for heels that are increasingly extreme in their shape and height. As a result, insoles and heels are required to use materials that are more compact, rigid, and with greater resistance than ever before.

Sipol perfects its line of adhesives for shoes

The launch of the new polyester rod Technipol® 170 N: a lasting polyester rod with faster setting time

Volontè, perfect control of the conveyor

The Como-based company continues to improve its conveyor line, focusing particularly on the use
of a touch screen and on the complete collection of production data

Simac Tanning Tech closes with great success

At Milan Rho Fair, from 21 to 23 February, the new machinery for the shoe production segment

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Fur & charme

Soft and pale, the hot proposals ride the always vital winter fur trend.

Davos interprets the next 2019-20 autumn/winter season

Here are some novelties that enhance the style and quality: the soles produced by the Veneto company.

Sep 20, 2018

The strategies of the Brazilian leather sector

International certification, collaboration, sustainability and an important project for the 2019 Design na Pele tradeshow, in collaboration with an Italian company. Here’s just a few of the points touched upon in this interview with Rafael Andrade of CICB.

Lamonti Cuoio, values and innovation of a Made in Italy product

Craftsmanship, innovation in finishing and a careful customer service make the Tuscan company a precious reference point for those who look for TRUE Italian leather.

iTen® by Mondial Suole: the comfort of shoes of the future

The new brand adopts the ENERLYTE™ system from the Dow Chemical Company for enhanced ergonomics and sensation, designed to ensure lightness, and durability for the market of walking and sports shoes.