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The REACH Regulation in the footwear industry

REACH (Regulation no 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council) is the European regulation relative to the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.

Footwear manufacturing processses and environmental aspects

The best tools for “building” shoes – Bombelli

Bombelli Giancarlo s.p.a., a long tradition at the service of footwear manufacturers now guided, with a feminine touch, towards a future characterized by technological innovation.

“Anodized” finishing for small metal parts – Moro Minuterie

Footwear and leather goods can now be enriched by beautiful and original eyelets, hooks, buckles and studs. In fact, Moro […]

Kenda Farben, not only quality but also sustainability

Environment, safety and social responsibility are issues that affect all chemical companies, in particular KENDA FARBEN

Sustainable packaging for footwear

Packaging must meet several functions. In first place, to protect the packaged contents. It is an extremely important element in the supply chain, distribution system, and finally the method of use or handling of the product. It also contributes significantly to a more secure and long-term use of the products

Sipol, sustainable evolution

SIPOL, an important plater in specialist chemicals for the synthesis of high-performance polymers for the adhesives and techno-polymers sector, is always attentive to the theme of sustainability

100% Orange Fiber

Among the winners of the first Global Change Award, an all-Italian project inspired by Sicilian oranges

reWrap: good and beautiful design

A completely natural, biodegradable and eco-compatible unisex bag: the Tree Bag by the Dutch company reWrap’s sustainable design can be nothing more than refined and minimal

Piñatex: eco-leather made with pineapple leaves

It’s called Piñatex, the leather substitute that is attracting the attention of eco-conscious brands, like Puma, Camper and emerging designer Mayya Saliba

Canepa: the future of textiles passes through Kitotex®

Less water wasted, less energy used, elimination of toxic chemical substances, higher quality for a cleaner environment and for improving the health of consumers: these are the concrete benefits of the patents and innovations of the industrial process developed by Canepa for more sustainable fashion

Francesca Castagnacci wins the second edition of the Ramponi Prize

The Florentine designer was awarded at the White Women’s Pre-collections + Menswear Show by Mario Boselli and Andrea Ramponi, thus winning the second edition of the Prize dedicated to accessories

VIBRAM ® presents ARCTIC GRIP, excellent performances on wet ice

Thanks to this innovative technology, Vibram sets revolutionary grip standards on iced surfaces, above all on wet ice

ELETTROTECNICA BC, the usual customer success at SIMAC

The booth of the company from Vigevano (Pavia), which presented the historical machines of its product line, besides some important novelties for 2016, was always crowded, and almost mobbed

INESCOP, a center of excellence

INESCOP presented projects and interesting solutions at SIMAC Tanning Tech 2016

TESEO: always one step ahead, or rather two!

TESEO introduces the fourth head for leather cutting in the new Sigma machine, which allows saving 7% more leather

Anzani Machinery: speed and flexibility for increasingly optimised processes

Once again Anzani Machinery brings the advantages of automation to footwear factories in order to eliminate inefficiencies, while maintaining or improving the quality of the finished shoes

A configurable cutting system by Torielli

The evolution of the NestorPC SD-1600 manufactured by Torielli presents a conveyor system and a loading/unloading area that provides flexibility and maximises productivity

Lamebo: blades that make a difference

The Turin-based Lamebo is a leading manufacturer of high-quality splitting band knives for the Italian fashion industry

Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani: an absolute novelty in the application of studs and stones

An important innovation for the application of many different types of metal and ABS stones and studs arrives from the R&D area of GRUPPO MECCANICHE LUCIANI

SICOMEC: increasingly avant-garde Lining stamping machines

Starting from 2016, SICOMEC will deliver its lining stamping machines model TF160EL/CN and TF150EL/CN with new computers

CMCI: sewing moccasins has never been easier!

C.M.C.I. has created a machine for sewing tubular and non-tubular moccasins that is unrivalled on the market

Hawai Italia: an insert capable of revolutionizing footwear

Hawai Italia’s ProAir Waterblock® is a breathable insert that ensures total impermeability and maximum ventilation

BASF: lighter, softer, more flexible

Tailor-made solutions, with a wide variety of uses specifically designed for technical footwear. These are the latest innovationS from BASF at the recent SIMAC tradeshow

Euromarche: a new frontier of milling machines for heels

The new milling machine designed by Euromarche performs both the countersinking and tilting of heels in an automatic cycle

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Recycling, transformation and reuse of waste in the Fashion System

The analysis of the end of life of products, considered as “those activities necessary for the reuse of a product at the end of its useful life” (Parlikad and Macfarlane, 2004), is part of the eco-efficiency concept expressed in the “Cradle to Cradle” manifesto by McDonough and Braungart: “We will have to learn to imitate nature’s highly effective cradle-to-cradle nutrient flow and metabolism, in which the very concept of waste does not exist”.

The benefits of a circular economy in the tanning process

A study conducted by the High School of Sant’Anna di Pisa in the district of Santa Croce highlights the advantages for the environment in the abandoning traditional linear economy.

GreenSole, even shoes have a second chance

The Indian company has developed a very efficient system to recover used and “throw-away” shoes to turn them into new models donated to those who still walk barefoot.

Sustainable bonding by Tecnofil

For more than 30 years the Como-based company has been offering a high-level service while never losing sight of protecting the environment.

The infinite wardrobe of DressYouCan

The tale of Caterina Maestro, founder of the Milan showroom where it is possible to rent and share the fashion of your dreams.