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Sagitta: Cutting-edge stud application

Sagitta has perfected its range of stud application machinery, in line with the current fashion trends

ARS SHOE-Lab: learn how to make shoes from the idea right up to the prototype

In 2015, ARSUTORIA School opened a footwear laboratory and is now the only design school in Milan – the fashion capital of the world – able to produce prototypes of bags and shoes completely in-house

Formula FMX “RPU”,  a new horizon for light soles

STEMMA presents FORMULA FMX, the first rotating machine for the production of soles in expanded polyurethane made using the RPU technology, a special polyurethane spraying process patented by STEMMA, at SIMAC 2016

EVA according to Corplast

Also for next summer, Corplast focuses on the future and innovation by expanding its product range even further

UAI KIU Memory Foam, the perfect solution for custom insoles

Eustaquio Cantó Cano continues in promoting this great product with excellent shock absorbing capability

Wintech, “Safety” in constant evolution

The WF series is dedicated to the polyurethane injected boot with a sole both in PU and in TPU, while with “Winshoes” Wintech returns to the world of “Direct soling”

Ultra-lightness, colour and safety

These are the requirements to which the new Davos collection responds for the upcoming 2017 Spring/Summer season

Studio Auriga – Works for three

The Studio Auriga describes the operation and advantages of the new “Tajima Pax” machine that cuts, punches and embroiders leather. […]

Superior Tannery – Eco-friendly leather

The new line of environmentally friendly leather presented by Superior is part of a research project initiated by the tannery based in Santa Croce that works exclusively for big designer labels. “Innovation is fundamental, but chrome remains an irreplaceable tanning agent,” affirms Stefano Caponi.

With more than 50 years of history behind it Silga Gomma offers the market technologically  advanced soles studied to customer […]

Arpex Textiles articles (laces and tapes) are tested to guarantee conformity to the specific standard.

Over Stampi, one of the most important Italian companies in the production of moulds for protective footwear, has developed a […]

The firm from Barletta has established itself as a leading manufacturer of laces and braids for footwear and clothing. Set […]

Specialized in producing machines for moulding polyurethane of soles, shoes, boots and technical articles, both injection moulded and cast, Gusbi […]

Tecno Minuterie – Safety also includes hooks

Tecno Minuterie, a leading manufacturer of metal trimmings for footwear, leather goods, bags and fashion accessories, offers a very wide […]

The new “hydrodynamic activation” technology in the PU-PU/TPU-PU direct injection machines brings a noticeable reduction of the machine shutdown times.

Founded in 1918 by Antonio Frasson, the homonymous company is now run by Gilberto and his brother Gianni. It has 120 employees distributed in various structures, two at the border between the provinces of Treviso and Padua, one in Friuli – Venezia Giulia and a branch in Croatia

The charm of the wood effect is admirably combined with the well-finished and original uppers. The bright yellow lacquering, combined with a lasered sky blue upper, doesn’t fail to surprise because of the energy it conveys to an elegant and original summer.

New leather sole by Italsform Beautiful proposals in leather that place all their preciousness and the originality of their design in […]

Here are the novelties for spring-summer 2016 from DAVOS that offers eco-friendly rubber sheets which can meet all the requisites of international standards

The cooperation between ARSUTORIA’s trends research team and Ramponi’s team, that has always offered quality and innovation to the market, continues

Ramponi enhances Italian manufacture and celebrates creativity combined with innovation through its Be Cool project

Tessitura Attilio Imperiali undersigns the Detox commitment of Greenpeace

Greenpeace’s call to fashion brands to eliminate polluting and dangerous chemicals for the mankind has immediately aroused Tessitura Attilio Imperiali’s interest.

Davos Fall-winter collection 2015-16

For its Fall/Winter collection 2015/16 Davos addresses customers looking for light but at the same time resistant shoe bottoms.

Tessitura Attilio Imperiali together with Rete Clima® to prevent global warming

Just as yarns can be woven from yarns, starting from the relationships between different subjects, projects and concrete sustainability actions can be woven.

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Recycling, transformation and reuse of waste in the Fashion System

The analysis of the end of life of products, considered as “those activities necessary for the reuse of a product at the end of its useful life” (Parlikad and Macfarlane, 2004), is part of the eco-efficiency concept expressed in the “Cradle to Cradle” manifesto by McDonough and Braungart: “We will have to learn to imitate nature’s highly effective cradle-to-cradle nutrient flow and metabolism, in which the very concept of waste does not exist”.

The benefits of a circular economy in the tanning process

A study conducted by the High School of Sant’Anna di Pisa in the district of Santa Croce highlights the advantages for the environment in the abandoning traditional linear economy.

GreenSole, even shoes have a second chance

The Indian company has developed a very efficient system to recover used and “throw-away” shoes to turn them into new models donated to those who still walk barefoot.

Sustainable bonding by Tecnofil

For more than 30 years the Como-based company has been offering a high-level service while never losing sight of protecting the environment.

The infinite wardrobe of DressYouCan

The tale of Caterina Maestro, founder of the Milan showroom where it is possible to rent and share the fashion of your dreams.