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Siretessile: technology and comfort for “Safety Shoes”

This year, Siretessile will participate in the important appointment with the A+A trade fair, where it will present its latest technologies in the field of laminated technical fabrics for safety footwear.

Re-evolution of safety and army soles

Frasson S.p.A. is a European leader in the manufacturing of soles and bottoms for trekking boots, mountain boots, running shoes, safety shoes and army boots. The company talks about how the sector is changing and its future projects.

Opera Egg, the Shazam of colours

Find your favourite colour and share it with everyone you know

New inspirations for Tessitura Attilio Imperiali

Tessitura Attilio Imperiali and the Segre Schieppati brand come together for a new autumn/winter 18/19 textile collection, launching the “Tele Contemporanee” (Contemporary Canvases) project.

Water-repellent and flameproof cotton: the new APC treatments

New treatments allow the APC cottons to now be used in highly technical sectors such as the world of sports shoes or safety shoes.
More features, without sacrificing breathability and comfort.

Arsutoria 422 – LineaPelle Preview Download

Arsutoria 422 includes the Focus Report on Accessories / LineaPelle Preview. Please register your email and download it for free!

Surprise: Schmid also means reinforcing fabrics

The Lombard-based company is known all over the world for its prestigious fabrics, however, the more technical aspect of its offer should not be underestimated: reinforcing sheets, resistant and functional, for shoes

Apego, a company that has managed to survive fifty years of challenges

The 50th anniversary of the internationally renowned mould manufacturer was celebrated among memories, art and future projects

Ongoing innovation and research for Plaginsa

Attention to the environment and trendy products able to meet the needs of the market for Plaginsa, the Spanish company that has a leading position in the rubber sole segment

Riri Group: Natural tactile experience

Riri Group presents the styles for the FW 18/19 season, made of colours, perceptions and new looks

Industrie Chimiche Forestali: Research at the service of design and industrialization

Industrie Chimiche Forestali, which has always paid attention to the needs of designers, focuses its research on the study of materials for toe puffs and counters able to guarantee the characteristics that the shoe will have to meet.

Conceria Montebello: The flow of time

Past, present and future has always been the creative base of Conceria Montebello. The AW 2018/19 collection has been named “2067” in honour of the creative project created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company.

ARS-LAB, more and more complete

ARSUTORIA School’s internal shoe factory keeps on growing and providing more and more opportunities to the students who use it. ALC’s Kyotex bonding system and BRUSTIA’s heel nailing machine have been added to the line.

Industrie Chimiche Forestali: Definite and stiff profiles for your shoes without giving up softness

Industrie Chimiche Forestali offers the answer to the eternal dilemma: how to combine a definite and stiff shape profile, necessary for every type of footwear, with the fashion requests that increasingly prefer a soft and comfortable touch

From the Premio Ramponi award to Talent Network

Support. Valorise. Promote. These three verbs are the founding principles of the Premio Ramponi award, an initiative that promotes emerging talents in the fashion sector.

Davos: F/W 2018-19 new proposals in women’s and casual footwear

Ever attentive to the needs of an increasingly complex and evolving market, Davos sets its sights on proposing a high quality and always diversified offering for the future

Caligola4: design and project management

Comelz presents Caligola4, the most powerful instrument for industrial design

Riri, a taste of the trends for Autumn/Winter 2018/19

The new Riri Group collection of fashion accessories (zippers and buttons) for the AW 18/19 collection

CTCR: Sustainable innovation for the future of the shoe

The Footwear Technology Centre of La Rioja (CTCR) promotes the competitiveness of footwear manufacturers, while emphasizing sustainability and “green” innovation

AMF SNAPS and the sustainable galvanic plant

The company based in Bassano del Grappa confirms its ability to combine creativity, innovation and care for the Planet

Bonding, sustainable proposals

The issue of adhesives and glues is central in footwear manufacturing. Some Italian companies propose innovative solutions that are able to transform the manufacturing processes and to provide the added value of sustainability to assembly lines.

Prisoners for guilt, tailors for passion

SINCE 2016 SCHMID, the company specialized in high quality fabrics, has been collaborating with cooperativa ALICE born inside San Vittore prison in Milan

The new programmed humidifying machine by Elettrotecnica B.C.

The 182TS model is the perfect solution for humidifying the toe and the side of the upper and for reactivating the tip before lasting

ISA TanTec at the Global Footwear Production and Trade Summit

The Global Footwear Production and Trade Summit saw the presence of ISA Tan Tec. The discussion focused on material innovation and the changes in production technologies to respond to changing market demands.

Eco-friendly even before the Green Label

When it comes to the theme of sustainability, companies belonging to the shoe-machinery and tanning-machinery sector are one step ahead […]

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The Autumn-Winter 2018-19 according to Nastrotex

Next Autumn/Winter 2018 is thus getting ready for precious and original gala evenings.

Jan 11, 2018

2018 colour of the year

As usual, PANTONE® has announced the main colour of 2018: it’s 18-3838 ULTRA VIOLET

Jan 11, 2018

OutDoor’s earlier dates were a success

The number of visitors who met at Lake Constance was very high; the opinion on the new thematic division of the trade fair and its opening to the running world was positive.

Jan 11, 2018

A week of sport and a workshop on the future for ISPO

The international event to be held FROM January 28th to 31st 2018 in Munich will be an opportunity to immerse the city in a week full of events dedicated to the world of sports and to present all the new proposals in the sector and the future where digitalisation will take us

As resistant as the armadillo’s skin

The characteristic “armour” of the famous mammal represents the best metaphor for understanding the innovative qualities of the fabric made by Lenzi by FF Technology.