How to choose small metal parts for sports shoesMoro Minuterie suggests five fundamental characteristics that every eyelet and hook for trekking shoes must have.

Dec 23, 2018

GARSPORTDo you have to choose the right metal accessories for trekking and leisure footwear? Moro Minuterie comes to your aid with the 5 essential characteristics that each hook and eyelet must have in order to withstand the demanding stresses to which they are subjected.
Obviously, in addition to the high quality of the products that have always made Moro Minuterie a reliable partner for technical footwear dedicated to trekking and leisure.

Hooks and eyelets must withstand traction, fluctuations in temperature and progressive rubbing of the laces.
While zamak and plastic have lower performances than a metal hook, iron and brass hooks, like those produced by Moro Minuterie, on the other hand are undoubtedly more reliable, as well as cheaper.

Moro Minuterie has designed a special galvanic finish that guarantees positive results for up to 500 hours in salt spray tests. The finish, tested and guaranteed by SATRA, is able to combine functionality and an attractive appearance.


Raw materials exclusively of the highest quality, combined with the technical experience gained by the Padua-based company in more than 40 years of activity, are a guarantee of 100% Italian quality.

Compliance with the increasingly complex national, European and international regulations on substances hazardous to human health and the environment is crucial for Moro Minuterie.

Today more than ever, sports shoes should not only be highly performing, but also attractive and comfortable. The same standard is required for hooks and eyelets that in addition should be easy to apply in order to facilitate the work of the shoe factory.

The products in the Moro Minuterie catalogue not only come in the most varied shapes, but also in finishes and colours that can be matched to each upper. It also offers hooks that can be applied with automatic machines.


Moro Minuterie S.r.l.

Established in 1974, Moro Minuterie has always had as its primary objective the continuous technological improvement to offer its customers: […]

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