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ALC Tecnologie Adesive, of the Crab Holding Spa group, has been manufacturing a range of technical adhesives and adhesive tapes for many industrial sectors for over 20 years.

ALC offers efficient and safe solutions for the footwear-, leather- and textile industries, thanks to patented bonding systems such as Kyotex System® and Termotac System®, as well as specific adhesives such as Mr Bond.  These products are produced with the utmost respect for the health of workers and end users, and have made ALC the leading technology partner for the most important Italian and foreign manufacturers.

At the Robassomero (TO) headquarters, the ALC technical staff works every day to design, test and produce innovative and state-of-the-art adhesive and bonding solutions and systems.


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The evolution of the Kyotex system

The evolution of the Kyotex system

A wide and dedicated range of solutions proposed by ALC, and its gluing system, both for the footwear and leather goods sector.

ALC presents the KYO.LAM System for the footwear and leather goods sector  [SIMAC 2018]

ALC presents the KYO.LAM System for the footwear and leather goods sector [SIMAC 2018]

KYO 1.6 LCU is a laminator/calendering machine with incorporated cutting, which is perfect for the world of footwear and leather goods

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ELETTROTECNICA B.C. improves its machines [SIMAC 2018]

A new heel lasting machine for the company from Vigevano, which also presents its interesting cooperation with ALC.

New goals in bonding with controlled-pressure adhesive tapes

ALC TECNOLOGIE ADESIVE presents simultaneously at SIMAC and LINEAPELLE a series of Process Innovations for Footwear and Leather Goods

ALC: Laser cutting has never been so easy

The automatic system for the application of protective film for leather cutting proposed by ALC simplifies and speeds up the preparation of the pieces to process

ARS-LAB, more and more complete

ARSUTORIA School’s internal shoe factory keeps on growing and providing more and more opportunities to the students who use it. ALC’s Kyotex bonding system and BRUSTIA’s heel nailing machine have been added to the line.

Bonding, sustainable proposals

The issue of adhesives and glues is central in footwear manufacturing. Some Italian companies propose innovative solutions that are able to transform the manufacturing processes and to provide the added value of sustainability to assembly lines.

Perfect bonding of zippers and soles thanks to Kyo B20 and Kyo 100 by Kyotex

ALC introduces new machines and improvements to its Kyotex (Kyo B20 and Kyo 100S) range, the innovative and eco-friendly bonding system which has achieved great success in the footwear and leather goods industries.

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