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Established in 1955, MOLINA e BIANCHI has been a leader in the production of pulling over lasting machines and heel seat and sides lasting machines for more than fifty years, allowing to carry out the complete lasting of the shoes through two different production lines: the pulling over lasting machines SINCRON and the heel seat and sides lasting machines MARK.

The two lines offer a wide range of models and their versatility meets the different and changeable needs of the market and the production.

In 2007, the incorporation of BDF in MOLINA e BIANCHI gave rise to a new company reality that completes the range of products necessary for the shoe lasting: from the upper reactivation to the lasting, pounding, roughing, ironing, cementing and drying processes, with a range of increasingly integrated and compact machinery.



Flagship of the shoe-making district of Vigevano, Atom MB offers since almost 60 years a wide range of machinery integrated for the lasting of the shoe.

Main purpose of Atom MB technology is to propose machines to mechanize and simplify the pulling over and lasting operations with the help of a programming that is simple for the user and that respects the shoe quality tradition.

Innovation and tradition blend in an optimal bond that leads to the respect for the high quality traditional shoe, along with the ultimate technologies that simplify the lasting operations of the shoe: innovation and quality at design’s service.

Thus a highly qualified know-how, together with the experience Molina e Bianchi of many years, makes of Atom MB a well known reality all over the world for the reliability and quality of its machines.

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ATOM MB and the progress of automation for degreasing, carding and double-glueing

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