CIMAC – Italian Centre for Footwear Application Materials

quality control/laser cutting/special applications

C.I.M.A.C. was founded in 1985 to serve companies operating within the footwear sector by offering efficient, effective and bespoke services as well as consolidated expertise in the fields of research, testing and quality control, as:

  • tests, analyses and studies on materials and products
  • dissemination, adoption and understanding of technical standards, innovative technologies, processes and materials
  • issuing of Certifications for quality management systems and products that comply with specified requirements and prescribed standards, whether these be voluntary or mandatory, national or international, and with particular orientation towards EC-type certification and EC directives.

Users of C.I.M.A.C.’s services are both small footwear industry companies – who find difficulty in justifying the huge investment in staff and equipment that would be needed if they were to perform these activities alone –  and large companies who do not have the luxury of being able to divert company resources to ‘sideline’ activities.

A.N.C.I. Servizi Srl established C.I.M.A.C. as a tool to help clients achieve their key business objectives and dynamic growth plans to the Italian footwear industry, known for its vast number of small businesses; companies with a remarkable productive specialisation but an unwillingness to invest in research and technological innovation.

From this context emerges a series of specific skills, which, with C.I.M.A.C.’s involvement, are required to meet the new demands of the Italian footwear industry. C.I.M.A.C. produces around 1,300 EC type-examination certificates for hand and foot PPE (personal protection equipment) on an annual basis as well as 5,000 test reports on the determination of characteristics for materials, raw materials, components and finished footwear.

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CIMAC: the new headquarters is inaugurated

CIMAC: the new headquarters is inaugurated

The ribbon was cut on the new CIMAC headquarters this past 24 January in Vigevano, in the presence of Mayor Andrea Sala and Assocalzaturifici President Annarita Pilotti. The entire Board of Directors of the footwear association was also in attendance, along with the local and sector press.

Cimac, partner for CE certification on PPE requirements

Cimac, partner for CE certification on PPE requirements

Eng. Giuseppe Bellotti of CIMAC explains the requirements for PPE according to the new EU Regulation 425/2016

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