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Founded in 1943, Comelz has been among the earliest companies to create a new industrial season based on the diffusion of CAD systems and numerical control systems and has created a shoe-machinery sector of international excellence.

For over 75 years, it has been renowned world-wide for its high level technology products and its ability to innovate and rethink cutting and processing techniques for leather and textiles.

Comelz’s production is specialized on:

  • Leather industry design: thanks to a totally new CAD, highly compatible and upgradeable; portable on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux; open to every CAD/CAM system
  • Leather & synthetics cutting: The knife cutting technology eliminates the cost of cutting dies while taking advantage of a direct connection to CAD systems to immediately begin production
  • Sheet materials cutting: both the punch and the oscillating knife cutting technologies can replace the clicking presses in the processing of sheet materials for components performing high productivity and flexibility
  • Upper manufacturing: the upper manufacturing product line includes the most modern and advanced tools for the stitching department, to optimize efficiency, productivity and ease of use

The internationalization process that Comelz has planned and put into effect, has led to the creation of branch offices in Europe, India, China, Vietnam, Colombia and Brazil, where the Novo Hamburgo office serves as headquarters for the entire South American area.

After a continuous growth over the past years (with an average annual growth of 16% and large investments in production structures), as of September 2017 Comelz has opened its capital shares to the investors of NB Renaissance Partners  (a division of the American Neuberger Berman fund dedicated to private equity investments in Italy), which has become Comelz’s majority shareholder, thus further growing its industrial potential while still granting continuity in its entrepreneurial leadership.

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Comelz and the prototyping of the future

With Caligola Style, the company offers a simple solution, to be integrated with 2D CAD, to save time and resources during the complex prototype development phase, improving the interaction between style department and model maker

Caligola ST-PLusLeather precision in cost calculation

Caligola ST-PLusLeather precision in cost calculation

The software for calculating consumption, Caligola ST Plus, is fitted with a specific module for leather, which integrates the powerful nesting used by Comelz on its cutting islands.

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Comelz acquires 100% of Camoga

The path of growth and expansion of Comelz, which is already an expression of the Made in Italy excellence, is continuing also for external lines wanting to better equip itself to better face the new challenges on the international markets. Soon there will also be the acquisition of a Software House.

Comelz, the cutting machine for seamless shoes

The growing popularity of seamless sports shoes on international markets poses new challenges for cutting technologies, which must consider the weave, graphics, and design of engineered fabrics; challenges that Comelz is ready to tackle through its innovative visual recognition technology.

Apr 16, 2018

Comelz multi-ply system for fabrics

Leader in cutting machines for the footwear and leathr goods industry, Comelz has developed an innovative system of multi-ply that optimizes the work phases.

Comelz, the multi-ply cutting system for Industry 4.0

Leader in cutting machines for the footwear and leather goods industries, Comelz has developed an innovative multi-ply cutting system that optimizes each phase in production

Sep 14, 2017

NB Renaissance Partners acquires 80% of Comelz

An investment meant to support Comelz during its new phase of development on international markets

Caligola4: design and project management

Comelz presents Caligola4, the most powerful instrument for industrial design

Comelz, Industry 4.0

Integration of technologies and total quality control

Comelz presents the new ESA NEK

The leather digitizer developed by the ITALIAN company ensures a thorough surface inspection, enhancing the characteristics of leathers of all kinds and colours.

Comelz has been revolutionized in cutting islands

COMELZ officially presented ESA R/K11, which provides a connected but separated location OF the nesting AREA FROM the cutting area

COMELZ: The height of performance and flexibility

COMELZ presents the latest improvements to its ‘utility cutter’, perfect even for leather soles

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