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Elitron, founded 30 years ago by Giuseppe Gallucci, is a leading company from the Marche region specialized in computerized designing and in CNC Automatic Cutting Systems.

Today Elitron is a successful company with over 2,000 installations worldwide, with a wide range of 2D and 3D CAD software solutions and production systems for leather and upholstery, visual communications and packaging.

The new generation of cutting systems and software design packages offer high quality solutions also for aeronautical, maritime, automotive, gaskets and composites sectors, as well as many new technical materials.

Elitron means highly qualified team, exclusive Made in Italy know-how and artisan tradition together with the highest technological content.

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Klick, the solution to automate the preprinting process

Klick, the solution to automate the preprinting process

Once again, Elitron proved to be at the forefront as far as automation development is concerned, presenting Klick at Simac 2019 in Milan

Seeker System by Elitron, today also for footwear and leather goods  [SIMAC 2018]

Seeker System by Elitron, today also for footwear and leather goods [SIMAC 2018]

With the introduction of patented recognition technology dedicated to printed images and reference marks, Elitron focuses on reinforcing its position as an innovative and cutting-edge company

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Mar 21, 2018

Elitron: innovation and automation in cutting systems

SIMAC 2018 confirms the growing trend for Elitron’s cutting solutions thanks to innovation and automation. Clear success for the 5 digital cutting solutions on display at Simac 2018. Workflow optimization for leather and roll materials cutting ranks at the top of industry bucket list for the upcoming future.

Elitron at SIMAC 2018: new products and upgrades for an increasingly optimised workflow

On display, five digital cutting solutions designed to optimise the workflow in the cutting of leather and material in rolls.

The Elitron digital finishing solutions dedicated to leather goods at Pellepiù 2017: innovation and simplification of the workflow.

Elitron’s constant commitment to research and development has led to the creation of two systems at the forefront of ease of use and productivity.

Elitron at Simac 2017: the evolution of the digital cut

The new Plaza TH double-headed system made its debut for the very first time at SIMAC

Elitron – Plaza TH: technological innovation in cutting machines

Elitron presentS an independent, double beam system, equipped with multi-tool carriages with electric or pneumatic heads and new-improved Kudos systems.

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