The Fainplast company was founded in 1993 by Battista Faraotti, who started the production in Assisi. Three years later the company moved to Ascoli Piceno where it is still located.


The company has achieved success thanks to a constant dedication, experience in the field and the entrepreneurial drive of the owner combined with expertise and ability to innovate.


A growth destined to continue in a sector where technological research can not do without the added value given by man; perhaps this is the secret of Fainplast’s success.


The company bases its strategy on this fundamental concept. In its laboratories new solutions are designed every day to meet the requirements of specific projects in collaboration with its customers.


Fainplast is a company certified UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 but the confirmation of the quality of the company’s work derives above all from the success obtained and the constant growth.

This is possible thanks to the competence and sensibility of the management that is evident in all stages of production. The development, support and continuous improvement of the Quality System are assured through periodically checking the efficiency level achieved by the system itself.


When necessary, in fact, appropriate corrective actions are carried out to achieve the objectives. Fainplast is part of the Italian compounding group  “G compound” and took part in the “Responsible care” program.


Each customer is continually followed by his sales staff, which offers transparency and efficient communication. Each order is managed quickly and flexibly according to customer requests. The transport by land, sea or airplanes is directly programmed in the Fainplast offices, to always guarantee punctual deliveries.


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New EVA injection moulding machine by Fainplast

New EVA injection moulding machine by Fainplast

The new solution proposed by Fainplast, the leading company in compounds based in the Marche Region, which has filed an international PCT patent application for a new injector, solves the problem of the formation of holes or channels inside the milled soles.

New EVAtech® SuperSoft products by Fainplast

New EVAtech® SuperSoft products by Fainplast

Fainplast, the company from Ascoli Piceno (Italy), presents two new EVAtech® compounds for the production of SuperSoft shoe soles, expanded and cross-linked with injection moulding technology.

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