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Since 1918, the company from Loria (Treviso) has distinguished itself in the manufacturing of shoes and, in particular, in the last 30 years, in the manufacturing of soles and bottoms for outdoor shoes and for the safety industry.

In 2013 Frasson bought Rubbermac, a historical company from Friuli, one of the most important in the sector of rubber sole molding for mountain (trekking) and safety footwear.



Manufacturing of soles and bottoms for trekking, mountain climbing and safety shoes and boots.

Today Frasson produces about 1,300,000 pairs of soles a year, which are exported in different countries around the world.

Currently, these products are used in the best mountain, trekking, climbing, safety, and military footwear in the world.



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Frasson, the “youth” of 100 years

Frasson, the “youth” of 100 years

The Treviso-based company organised a magnificent event to celebrate its 100th birthday, with the focus always on people – past and present. Frasson’s secret to innovating the world of soles.

Frasson turns 100 years old: tradition looks at the future

Frasson turns 100 years old: tradition looks at the future

The Frasson S.p.A.® sole factory has been a partner of the best European shoe companies in the Outdoor & Safety sector for over a century.

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SS19 – The RUBBERMAC’s energetic summer

The strong and energetic colours of the footwear tread in contrast to the total black soul, introduce well the summer theme 2019.

Re-evolution of safety and army soles

Frasson S.p.A. is a European leader in the manufacturing of soles and bottoms for trekking boots, mountain boots, running shoes, safety shoes and army boots. The company talks about how the sector is changing and its future projects.

ENER-G, innovation 100% made in Italy

The Ener-G by Grisport shoe is a state-of-the-art trailrunning shoe thanks to a lot of innovative technologies

Frasson – Innovation and services at the heart of success

Founded in 1918 by Antonio Frasson, the homonymous company is now run by Gilberto and his brother Gianni. It has 120 employees distributed in various structures, two at the border between the provinces of Treviso and Padua, one in Friuli – Venezia Giulia and a branch in Croatia

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