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Born in 1979 from an idea of Emilio Galli, today Galli spa is a leading company in the design and production of machines for leather goods; a reality which has become a landmark, from a global point of view, as to precision and technique.

It’s a very ample rolling stock the one offered by Galli spa to its customers, which is able to satisfy, thanks to its more-than-thirty-year experience, every request: machines shaped and designed according to the customers’ needs, tailoring them, bringing them to an incredible level of innovation.

Construction, technological innovation quality and attention to the customers’ needs in terms of quality and productive efficiency improvement are the elements which have always characterized the company, making it different from the others. Galli S.p.A. is specialized in the production and design of lines of work for leather goods: punching machines, embossing machines, stapling machines, combining machines, strip-cutter machines, trimming machines, milling machines, lapping machines, brushing machines, coloring machines, glazing machines, ovens, loading/unloading robot are only few examples of the wide set of products.

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Galli: from the manual to automatic

Galli: from the manual to automatic

The company’s challenge is to get the results of the best artisan tradition, automating the work effectively.

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