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In 1975, Mr. Vino Francesco decided to start his own business and, after a study of the possibilities offered by the marketplace, he established Italbraid S.r.l. to produce laces.

For about 10 years, this company develop exclusively the production of laces, but in 1985 in view of the evolution of the sector, they decided to start the production of ribbons for the footwear and clothing sector

All their products are manufactured with high quality fiber ranging from polyester to cotton up to a quality fibers for technical and/or very specific.

In the 80s their company boasted a daily production of about 100.000 pairs of laces, now they can guarantee a daily production of about 150.000 pair of laces and around 50.000 meters of ribbons.

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Quality, innovative, and trendy ribbons and laces

Quality, innovative, and trendy ribbons and laces

For more than 40 years, Italbraid Srl has represented a point of reference in the sector of Italian and international footwear, acting as a reliable and quality supplier of laces and ribbons.

Italbraid is continually growing

Italbraid is continually growing

The company from Barletta bases its success on research, quality of materials and high production capacity, in addition to excellent customer care and a very fast sampling department.

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