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Founded in 1963 in Garlasco (Pavia), KENDA FARBEN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of special chemical products for the footwear, leather goods and accessory industry.

The extensive product range includes numerous lines to meet the needs of those operating in these sectors: adhesives, paints, finishing products, colouring pastes.

Kenda Farben technicians work closely with footwear experts in order to allow the company to quickly identify and address the most diverse problems.

Continuous investments in research and development, the ability to create tailor-made products and solutions and very modern laboratories that offer careful analysis and adequate control to guarantee consistent production quality: these are the strengths of the Garlasco company.

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Studio, Milan
Studio, Milan
Studio, Milan
Studio, Milan
Studio, Milan
Lineapelle, Milan

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Bonding, sustainable proposals

Bonding, sustainable proposals

The issue of adhesives and glues is central in footwear manufacturing. Some Italian companies propose innovative solutions that are able to transform the manufacturing processes and to provide the added value of sustainability to assembly lines.

Endless shades from Kenda Farben for a reduced stock

Endless shades from Kenda Farben for a reduced stock

Easy to apply like a normal cream, exceptional results and Reduction in the leather varieties in stock. These are the advantages offered by the ANTIQUA SUPERDYE system developed by Kenda Farben

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Kenda Farben, not only quality but also sustainability

Environment, safety and social responsibility are issues that affect all chemical companies, in particular KENDA FARBEN

Feb 12, 2016

Kenda Farben – The finishing that makes all the difference

The Italian company Kenda Farben illustrates the Advantages and the qualitatively high results that can be obtained directly on the manufacturing Line, through the use of creams and waxes on crust leathers.

Half a century serving footwear

Kenda Farben, a leading producer of chemical products for footwear, turns 50 and sums up its business results

Oct 10, 2013

Kenda Farben and shoe finishing by students from the Ars Sutoria School

The rewarding collaboration continues between the important Garlasco-based company and the school for footwear designers

Puri, new line of leather care products by Kenda Farben

The Italian company that for over 50 years has been creating professional finishing products for leather, now turns to the consumer market. A line where the packaging can be personalised with the company logo.

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