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In its 80 years of activity, Main Group has set the technological benchmark for injection moulding of the main productions in the footwear field.

It produces: static machines with 2 or more stations, rotary machines for boots, EVA injection system, injecting-pouring into open/closed mould polyurethane, injection of TPU+PU with integrated cycle etc.
Main Group has clients all over the world.

Nowadays Main Group brand presents to the market with a wealth of machines and is bolstered by new technological and production resources, which enable significant improvements on an industrial level.

Main Group Technologies is a new dynamic company borning by an industrial and financial pool, whose organization embraces rules of modern industrialization.

Through a combination of design rationality and production optimization, the company meets the today market demands both on economical aspect and upgrade production, offering improved and up-to-date machines.

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“AuTOMation comes to fashion”

“AuTOMation comes to fashion”

It is a journey at the origin of fashion the one proposed by companies of the Atom group to Simac Tanning Tech 2019. Main Group presented an innovative automatic mould change system

Main Group: innovative systems for safety footwear materials

Main Group: innovative systems for safety footwear materials

Company of reference for moulding and injection technologies in the footwear industry, Main Group Technologies has always reserved a special place of honour for the world of safety footwear.

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Automation, innovation, production efficiency: these are the key words of Main Group Technologies [SIMAC 2018]

Consolidating the presence on the most important international markets and continuing research on technologies and materials: these are the objectives set for 2018.

Present and future of automation [SIMAC 2018]

We asked some of the most important players dedicated to footwear in the automation sector to explain the path taken by this revolution.

Main Group Technologies launches Ross 260 T for the production of high-quality and high-strength soles.

Greater thickness, more rigid materials, increasingly complex designs: these are the latest requirements of the shoe market for the manufacturing of soles.

Main Group Technologies, Made in Italy experience for made-to-order technology

Main Group Technologies just presented Pragma, a modular state-of-the-art machine, which is flexible and user-friendly for direct injection onto uppers in combined materials

Oct 24, 2015

Main Group – An ideal partner in the safety segment

Comfort, fashion and high performance in safety, work and military footwear with the pragma, omega and star units, machines for integrated and automatic production of casuals, safety shoes and boots in combined materials.

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