Moro Minuterie S.r.l.

metal hardware/accessories/zips

Established in 1974, Moro Minuterie has always had as its primary objective the continuous technological improvement to offer its customers: customized solutions, constant product innovation, efficient and timely service, high quality at optimum prices.

The company has focused consistently on the Made in Italy in all the stages of production. All items are made in compliance with international regulations and ensure a high standard of quality.

The company’s target market consists of the big manufacturers of footwear and leather goods, wholesalers and distributors of metal trimmings.

In production Moro Minuterie uses high quality materials, with extensive use of stainless alloys and attention to galvanic finishes, in many cases specifically certified and with resistance to chemicals significantly above average.

Over the years the company has also developed a specific expertise in the design and supply of equipment, standing out for the professionalism offered to the customers.

Moreover, Moro Minuterie has a modern workshop and tooling department equipped with CNC machines, where skilled technicians carry out all the molds and equipment used for the production of trimmings.

Thanks to it the company’s able to achieve internally all the articles, offering high standards of quality, reliability and accuracy,

Since 2000 Moro Minuterie is international partner of Teknolinea.

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