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The Plinio Fleck Group is considered one of the historic partners to the international footwear manufacturing industry. Flecksteel, of the Plinio Fleck Group, is among the leading manufacturers of toe-caps and components for safety shoes on the Brazilian and international panorama.

This Brazilian company, in fact, took its first steps in 1949, in order to fill in the gaps present in the industry during the 1940’s in Brazil, when most of the components for footwear were imported due to a lack of local suppliers. Thus, the Group laid down the groundwork for its development, helping write the history of the Made in Brazil footwear manufacturing industry. Moreover, it positioned itself on the international panorama with a tenacity and far-sightedness, which was further backed by the high quality and innovative content of its products.

Today, the Plinio Fleck Group is internationally known and established in the segment of components and technology for footwear through its four brands. The first one, Flecksteel, is specialized in the production of toe-caps and insoles in different shapes, materials, heights, and thicknesses, offering customers innovative options in the design and concept of safety shoes.
The brand’s products comply with EN 12568 / ASTM / CSA standards and are recognized and certified by the most well-known national and international institutes. From a commercial standpoint, Flecksteel is present on national and foreign markets through a network of sales representatives, while also participating in the most important international trade fairs around, and it permanently and constantly invests in research and technology.

Fleckplast is another brand belonging to the Plinio Fleck Group, which offers a complete line of products for footwear that includes composite toe-caps, fibre glass toe-caps, plastic toe-caps, plastic shanks, outsoles for soccer shoes, metatarsal protectors, PVC strips, and toe-cap covers; all developed with the most advanced technology that skilfully combines high quality, safety, comfort, and beauty.

Fleckmetal is instead the brand of the Group specialized in the production of metal components for footwear like steel shanks, elastic tubes, pins, etc., all of which are manufactured with international standard steel of the highest quality.

Last, but not least, FleckMulti, the most recent brand of the Group, offers products to several market segments, which includes the production of conveyor chains for sugar cane machines.

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FLECK STEEL confirms the excellent trend of the safety sector  [SIMAC 2018]

FLECK STEEL confirms the excellent trend of the safety sector [SIMAC 2018]

The Brazilian company dedicated to the world of safety footwear confirms its role as leader and the good moment of the sector.

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