Ramponi S.r.l.

quality control/laser cutting/special applications

Ramponi S.r.l. is one of the most famous Italian synthetic crystal and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) studs manufacturer.

Promoting ‘Made-in-Italy culture’ and Made-in-Italy products have led Ramponi to be known within the most famous brands in fashion industry.

Ramponi decided to increase its possibility to provide a more complete service by establishing an Application Laboratory (for footwear, clothing, bags…) and a Pronged studs Center. The enterprise provides fashionable and sparkling stones and creative studs; moreover now supplies innovative and exclusive embellishment and garnishing techniques.

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Talent Network Ramponi  showcases creativity

Talent Network Ramponi showcases creativity

Talent Network Ramponi resumes its exploration of “The future of decoration” theme.

Ramponi sets its sights on the Italian Stock Exchange

Ramponi sets its sights on the Italian Stock Exchange

The company based in Carbonate (Co) – known in the fashion world for the production of fine synthetic crystals and studs – has become a Public Limited Company (S.p.A.) and is preparing for listing on the Stock Exchange by the end of the year.

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Nature becomes fashion

This is the philosophy of Astarte which for almost 30 years has been realizing works of art to embellish leather goods, clothing and footwear from recycled materials.

Jul 13, 2018

Annie Gestroemi at White with Ramponi

Created with the aim of highlighting and giving visibility to young talents in the world of fashion, winner of the tenth edition of Premio Ramponi is Annie M. Fabbioni, who debuted at White with the new Annie Gestroemi collection.

Apr 01, 2018

Arsutoria 428 – April 2018

The newest issue of Arsutoria Magazine is now available online | Full report of MICAM AW1819

Ramponi, a hexagonal summer

One of Ramponi’s innovative proposals for next spring-summer 2019

Ramponi, ethics and business

A leader in the accessories sector, the Como-based company has always been an example of how ethics and business can merge to create a strong and solid union. Another step in this direction is represented by the acquisition of the Astarte company, which specialises in eco-friendly fashion accessories.

SS19 – Ramponi reinvents studs

Triangular bi-colour studs having considerable thicknesses.

From the Premio Ramponi award to Talent Network

Support. Valorise. Promote. These three verbs are the founding principles of the Premio Ramponi award, an initiative that promotes emerging talents in the fashion sector.

Prestige and research in the double appointment with Ramponi at WHITE

The unique creations of GEDEBE conquer the sixth edition of the Ramponi Prize, while the exhibition with the designers of past editions launches the project Talent Network.

May 18, 2017

Talent Network, a spin-off of the Ramponi Prize contest

Ramponi, after having announced its famous prize contest will accept admissions year-round, launches a spin-off of its contest.

The Ramponi Prize is in the hands of a French designer

The contest conceived by Alfredo Ramponi becomes international, and rewards the appeal of the French Sainte Courtisane brand at WHITE MILANO. From this edition, the contest remains open all year round.

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