Robot System Automation


Robot System Automation is a dynamic manufacturing company founded in 1984 with the goal of building innovative, automated production systems for the footwear industry.


In 1995 they expanded and completed the product range with the insertion and engineering of anthropomorphic robots.

Robot System Automation is today the most precious ally to rely on to solve any automation problem.
The staff is able to follow in the first person and with the utmost speed all the phases of the construction of the plant: from the technical feasibility, to the design, from the implementation to the assistance, from the small cell to the large multi-robot plant or production.

From the large factory to the small workshop, the Robot System Automation staff will follow and analyze all your needs, bringing the level of your production to limits that you would not have imagined.

The basic elements of the success of each Robot System Automation system are the maximum flexibility and simplicity of use, essential strengths to meet the modern production requirements, increasingly based on the continuous updating of products.

In accordance with the customer’s needs, Robot System realizes:

  • Auxiliary machinery for assembling or fitting the strobel (center soles, Force Lasting);
  • FLEXO ROBOT modular working islands that can be implemented according to production needs (re-cutting, beating, milling, carding, gluing);
  • Automatic gluing soles (with mechanical centering or vision);
  • Turnkey systems integrated with supervision software systems, 3D scanners and connection between various production stations.
  • FMSS automatic lines – plastic forms transport Laser marking and / or carding systems.
  • ¬†Systems for handling and palletizing boxes and pallets after finishing.

A complete range that allows almost complete automation of the assembly process of the shoe and the production process as a whole.

Each Robot System Automation project contains the best of their long history, characterized by many innovations at national and global level.

A dynamism on all fronts and the possibility of covering every potential application segment of industrial automation.

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