SAFIT S.r.l.

toe caps/counters/insoles/fussbets

The brand SAFIT is the new face of a historic italian company that produces, from over thirty years, components for the safety footwear sector headed only to one international brand.

After his entrance in the Euromeccanica Group, the company choose to grab a part of the marketplace. Thanks to the contribution of technology innovation and to the organizational push coming from the group, SAFIT now produces and sell steel safety heels, light alloy and composited material, and also insoles in stainless steel and anti-perforation fabric.

All the SAFIT’s products guarantees high performance more than the ones required by the current regulations with tight production’s tolerances: ± 0,4 mm, for example, instead of the ± 0,7 mm allowed for the toe caps by the regulation EN 12568:2010.

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