Founded in Vigevano (province of Pavia) in 1947 by Alberto Bocca, SAGITTA has contributed to the development of the Italian footwear industry.

The first orders arrived from abroad in the early 60’s and Sagitta definitively established itself as an exporting industry. The Sagitta brand is becoming more and more known in Italy and abroad and the hard working production departments are able to satisfy the numerous requests for machines. The old workshop is now too small. the company builds a new factory that is subsequently expanded several times.

In 2013 the company moves to a new plant, new energy-saving techniques, new technologically advanced products, cutting-edge construction systems and employees prepared to face the future with courage and ambition.

Machines folding, fleshing, splitting, tape applicator, punching, gluing, riveting, eyelets, and then again for the shoe and leather industry applying studs, laser decorations, belt granulators, diceters, cutting machines and many more.

Within SAGITTA, quality is expressed in concrete and clearly visible facts that indicate the importance attributed to customer satisfaction. The entire production process, from the setting up of the processing up to the delivery of the finished product is marked by quality control procedures that directly involve those who manage and those who work on the process.

The entire production process at SAGITTA, from design to delivery of the finished product, is subject to strict quality control procedures.

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Sagitta innovates perforations and the application of studs

Sagitta innovates perforations and the application of studs

Two important innovations that aim, as always, at qualitative excellence and absolute precision in the world of decorations

Increasingly more automation and precision in applying studs  [SIMAC 2018]

Increasingly more automation and precision in applying studs [SIMAC 2018]

The novelties presented by Sagitta consist of an automatic recognition system for the placement of the studs and a collaboration with Roland.

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