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Santoni was born in 1919, is the first italian company to produce socks machine and in 1988 the company become part of the Lonati Group.

In the last twenty years Santoni has developed a series of circular knitting machines Seamless, becoming the world leader in this technology and revolutionizing the concept of textile machines in this field.
From the limited production of underwear, over the years they have added technical, sports, medical and other clothing.
Santoni has focus its attention on the production of machines that offered models with greater flexibility in creating different designs and colors.

The continuous activity of the research and development division and the consequent technological updating of the machines has seen the fusion of the technological concept of hosiery to that of knitwear, leading Santoni to widen its potential and consequently easy repositioning from one textile sector to another.
This allowed the Santoni machines to expend both their potential and performance, allowing easy repositioning from one textile sector to another.

Currently, Santoni is the only Group that, with its range of machines of different types, can cover many segments of the textile industry, allowing it to meet the multiple needs of the market.

The company’s point of reference is quality.
Santoni SpA subjects the entire production process to continuous and constant quality controls that ensure the perfect compliance with the requirements of functionality, reliability and safety required by its machines. In Santoni, the Quality Area constantly monitors the machines and all their components, from the acceptance in the warehouse of externally produced mechanical groups to the shipment of the machinery to the final customer.

Moreover, it is an innovative and avant-garde company where research has always been a pillar and a primary strategic commitment.

The Research Center, has concretized the spirit of innovation of the company and laid the foundations for a successful future and industry leadership.
Highly specialized engineers and technicians design machines capable of producing technologically innovative garments that anticipate new trends, new needs and stimulate consumption.

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The continuous challenges of the market have led the Santoni company’s Research & Development department to modernise the entire range of circular machines. Now the focus is on the footwear market in collaboration with the R&D department of Lonati.

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