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The Santori company was founded in 1890 by Vincenzo Santori, a far-sighted man and skilled merchant.
From the sixties to the seventies the company grew and changed various names until it became “Santori Pellami Spa” in 1983.

Today, Santori Pellemi, is specialized in the trade and production of leather. The characteristics on which the company is based are: the excellent quality-price ratio, the punctuality of deliveries, the security of receiving the desired product, continuous innovation and respect for the environment.

Thanks to these peculiarities, the company has managed to win the trust not only of the Italian market, but also of the international one.
The company is present in Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Lebanon, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey and Hungary.

The production is divided into different proposals:

  • Half classic flower calves, half nubuck calves, brushed, college, crust and exportable;
  • Calves and half calves in wet blue to work with a wide possibility of customization of the article;
  • Means of calf grain for natural lining and finished according to customer needs;
  • Suede crust rumps and various finishes at customer’s request;
  • Finished goats wide range of colors;
  • Crust goats to be finished according to the needs of the customer;
  • Pork linings, chamois croutons, resined and rotopressed, chrome-free pigs;
  • Possibility of all items of calfskin personalized and chrome-free;

Every 6 months new products are produced, created thanks to professional and creative stylists and modellers, with the strong desire to conceive only trendy products.
The company Santori Pellami has a large and well-stocked showroom in its headquarters.
Delivery is immediate and the main objective is to serve customers in a very short time. Punctuality is also one of the company’s strengths.

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Studio, Milan
Studio, Milan
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Lineapelle, Milan
Lineapelle, Milan
Lineapelle, Milan

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Naturella, 100% ecological and  biodegradable leather

Naturella, 100% ecological and biodegradable leather

Santori Pellami sets up a revolutionary ecological system to treat leather and obtain a completely biodegradable material free of chromium and heavy metals.

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