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In 1953 Shima created the double stitch sewing machine.

Starting with the complete automation of the work glove machine in 1962, SHIMA SEIKI has shown great progress in the research, development and production of original hardware and software.
These technological advances have led to the opportunity to serve a multitude of design-related industries starting with knitting, textiles and fashion.

The company shows its first complete collection at the ITMA exhibition in Paris in 1971. After the fair begins to export its products

The source of this progress can be described as the spirit of creativity, ingenuity and, above all, the drive to overcome technological boundaries, that is, the spirit of the engineer.
Every employee of SHIMA SEIKI is an incarnation of that Spirit, who is always pressing ahead in new and more demanding fields.

The Japanese company Shima Seiki Mfg, Ltd. Wakayama, which has recently celebrated 55 years of activity, is present in Italy with Shima Seiki Italia S.p.A., the only company to offer a wide range of machines for: accessories, complete garment – WholeGarment, seamless garments, and the classic straight machines.

Present in Italy, the main market, with 3 branches and 6 distributors, is also well established in Europe thanks to its headquarters in Germany and various other agencies. Shima Seiki Italy serves 10% of the world market, dealing not only with fashion but also with other sectors such as automotive, furniture, technical and medical accessories…

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