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Sipol produces and develops a wide range of thermoplastic polyamides and polyesters which are grouped into two major areas: adhesives and engineering plastics.

The know-how of Sipol’s researchers in the macromolecular field enables the company to develop both customized co-polymers for the end user as well as custom synthesis projects. The company is constantly striving to reduce the negative environmental impact caused by processing through continuous search for solutions that utilize energy resources and raw materials from renewable sources (no-food grades).

Thanks to the newly built facilities and advanced technology, Sipol is able to combine high production flexibility with high quality standard polymers, in full respect of the environment.

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Sipol invests on stability and reliability

Sipol invests on stability and reliability

Like all companies based on long-term strategies, the company from Pavia is renewed with innovation, creativity and investment.

Bonding, sustainable proposals

Bonding, sustainable proposals

The issue of adhesives and glues is central in footwear manufacturing. Some Italian companies propose innovative solutions that are able to transform the manufacturing processes and to provide the added value of sustainability to assembly lines.

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SIPOL, an important plater in specialist chemicals for the synthesis of high-performance polymers for the adhesives and techno-polymers sector, is always attentive to the theme of sustainability

Aug 26, 2014

High security adhesives

SIPOL introduces a new range of tin-free products for the footwear industry

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