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LENZI EGISTO has been producing innovative and technical fabrics since the ’80s, especially for footwear.

In 2002 the LENZI EGISTO Center for Research and Development invented and patented the perforation proof textile insert L-PROTECTION, which has revolutionized the production of safety footwear  in Italy and worldwide.

Today LENZI EGISTO-FF guarantees continuity and technical background thanks to the integrated production of traditional weaving and Jacquard, coating, bonding, and special treatments.

In the past decade, the great technological transformations in the textile and footwear industry have brought on the consolidation of new commercial strategies and a higher demand of high-tech fibers and seamless textiles for footwear, bags and clothing. Amongst them:

  • PU Tek technology HYPERTEX®: highly abrasion resistant fabrics for various uses in footwear for hiking and motorcycling, toecaps for safety boots,  motorcycling apparel and reinforcements for bags and suitcases.
  • PERSPAIR®: the future of uppers with very minimal seam lines which are already included during the weaving. They are Jacquard-woven technique, which has made it possible to overcome the mechanical limitations that are linked with the knitting technique. This innovative technique makes it possible to use different fibers in different parts of the upper or clothing item. This, in turn, makes it possible to have different areas with various degrees of elasticity in the same upper, or areas with high resistance to friction or cuts by using Kevlar® or Dyneema™ fibers, or areas with maximum breathability, etc. The PERSPAIR® products, which were developed in cooperation with Smart Textile Solutions, are produced and sold in Italy by LENZI EGISTO-FF and in China by GVT in Guangzhou.
  • L-PROTECTION®: anti-perforation inserts for safety footwear always up to date and in line with the new regulations
  • LEATHERTEX: creativity and special fabrics for fashion and style.

In its laboratories, LENZI EGISTO-FF conducts the most advanced tests: biomechanical and chemical assessments are systematically performed on all materials in order to ensure excellent quality standards.


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FF Lenzi: new textile solutions for the sports world

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The upper of the future, PERSPAIR,  provides better breathability

The upper of the future, PERSPAIR, provides better breathability

Lenzi by FF Technology has presented the latest novelties that have emerged from its fertile Research and Development department.

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