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The decision to specialise in a product in the name of quality has revealed itself to be a winning strategy for Solettificio Manetti.

For forty years, the company has been producing moulded, removable insoles for men’s, women’s and children’s shoes, always using the most specialist and innovative materials to satisfy even the more demanding requirements.

Each product is tested in the company’s internal laboratory and the materials used all come with the guarantee of the Sa-Ni® brand, which is EEC certified and respects the environment. This project uses SA-NI EXTRA, a completely natural, biodegradable material, made of pure cellulose and latex, making it extremely flexible and tear-resistant, and SA-NI STRONG, with a wooden shank, which is also biodegradable.

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Manetti: DNA evolution

Manetti: DNA evolution

Expertise and Tradition, Technological innovation of materials and products, and customer consultancy services: these are the three cornerstones characterising the activities of Solettificio Manetti from 1969 to today, while also contributing to its success.

Manetti Sport, high fashion quality at the service of sport

Manetti Sport, high fashion quality at the service of sport

In 2017, the Tuscan-based company set up a department specialising in the production of removable fussbett insoles for sports shoes.

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Manetti SPORT, the new frontier of insoles designed by Solettificio Manetti

Solettificio Manetti expands by opening a new department dedicated exclusively to the creation and production of removable insoles (fussbett) branded “MANETTI SPORT”.

STEP to SUSTAINABILITY – Sustainable Footwear Samples

The principal objective of the STEP to SUSTAINABILITY (S2S) project is to define the skills of a new professional profile in footwear companies, who can work on sustainability on every front.

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