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For over 20 years Stemma has been committed to developing technologies and manufacturing machines for the production of articles in polyurethane.

The company’s technologies are used in the production of: soles for shoes and sports articles, technical articles for industrial use, linings/coatings for furnishing, recycling of plastic materials.

Thanks to its long experience acquired side by side with important shoe production companies, today Stemma is a reference constructor for the entire sector, able to offer a full range of machines for: direct injection of uppers of shoes in PU – PU/TPU, production of shoes in PU – PU/TPU, production of arch supports in polyurethane and PU, production of accessories for soles and uppers.
With its technical staff, Stemma cooperates with and assists its customers across the world.

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Footwear Innovation Lab presents “Virtual Shoe Design”

Footwear Innovation Lab presents “Virtual Shoe Design”

During the last edition of SIMAC in February 2018, Footwear Innovation Lab (F.i.L.) presented an new application for 3D Shoe […]

Formula, the new generation of upper injection moulding machines

Formula, the new generation of upper injection moulding machines

Innovative and versatile, the new Stemma S.r.l. injection moulding system can also be adapted to complex production systems, like TPU film vacuum forming, varnishing directly in the mould and spray-up.

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The RPU Spray Molding by Stemma for boots and sports shoes in PU

At Simac 2017, Stemma presented two new proposals that expand the range of its products

Stemma: Spray Molding, revolutionizing polyurethane boots

Expanding its range of products, Stemma revolutionizes the market of polyurethane boots presenting the new “Spray Molding technology”

Stemma, unstoppable growth

A new headquarters for the Treviso company that continues to improve its performance and gain new markets.

Formula FMX “RPU”, a new horizon for light soles

STEMMA presents FORMULA FMX, the first rotating machine for the production of soles in expanded polyurethane made using the RPU technology, a special polyurethane spraying process patented by STEMMA, at SIMAC 2016

STEMMA – The advantages of the valves with a hydrodynamic system

The new “hydrodynamic activation” technology in the PU-PU/TPU-PU direct injection machines brings a noticeable reduction of the machine shutdown times.

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