Molds for the application of studsCustomized metal molds for the simultaneous application of different kinds of studs. Molds for ABS studs with backs are an […]

Oct 24, 2017
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Customized metal molds for the simultaneous application of different kinds of studs.

stampi-borchie-3lMolds for ABS studs with backs are an exclusive technology patented by Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani. This innovation allows thousands of studs and their respective backs to be applied in one single shot, without the need to pre-drill the material, meaning the application process is much easier and faster than with traditional methods.

Molds for studs with prongs, which can be made for any stud shape, are one of Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani’s historical products. Drawing on this experience while focusing on evolutions within the market, the company goes even further by studying specific molds for the application of colored studs. The patented “scratchproof” system which the molds are equipped with protects the stud’s varnish and preserves the beauty of the final product.
All the molds come with the relative masks for faster and easier application. Custom masks are also manufactured to create new motifs after the molds have been purchased.

  • Extremely customizable and flexible
  • Fast and easy to apply using the company’s specific templates for design, form, size and color of the studs
  • For a wide range of studs: abs studs with pin, studs with prongs and colored studs.


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