Conceria Montebello: The flow of timePast, present and future has always been the creative base of Conceria Montebello. The AW 2018/19 collection has been named “2067” in honour of the creative project created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company.

Sep 20, 2017

vw7m2453-facciata-conceriaConceria Montebello S.p.A. was born in 1967 from the desire and entrepreneurial spirit of Giuseppe Dalle Mese. Today, 50 years after its foundation, the company recorded a turnover of about € 50 million, with exports accounting for approximately 68% of the total. The company has its own internal production chain that goes from the raw leather to the delivery of materials finished using the most innovative tanning techniques, and the new Autumn/Winter 2018/19 collections are present at Lineapelle.

If the AW 17/18 collection was called 1867 to explore the trends that best described the world 100 years before the birth of the tannery, the SS 2018 collection was the “Happy birthday 1967” collection, which kicked of the year of celebrations dedicated to the company’s 50 years of activity.

The AW 18/19 collection instead projects us into the future, creating a symbolic continuity of space and time.


The vision of Conceria Montebello’s creative team is described through images, materials and colours, expressed in four moods:


This mood consists of light, neutral and desaturated tones that transmit a detached and icy atmosphere, almost aristocratic; the coppery colours convey an ideal combination of natural elements such as copper and leather; the thousands of shades of green instead call to mind images of rest and nature, the origin of everything; finally, the black tones do not refer to a cancellation, but to the attainment of inner harmony.


Full and velvety leathers, paired and spread in warm shades to evoke the feeling of cosy wellness. The power of copper is rediscovered, freeing itself of negative energies when it comes into contact with the leather. The future can also be seen in the metal effects with a bionic essence.


A new way of looking at tradition, like the reworking of ancient art to emphasise the value of an evolving past and the importance of its baggage of knowledge. The colours are blue and powdery purple and the keywords to describe this collection are refinement and classical style.


This mood expresses the charm of a high-performance futuristic time, the idea of a reality that guarantees a better quality of life, combined with the concept of functionality and technology. Leathers with shimmery and shiny treatments lead to futuristic images where speed, sport and adrenaline resonate as movement and evolution.


Alongside the rich seasonal proposal, Conceria Montebello now offers a new service thanks to a collection of “CORE” products that contains the best of the company’s DNA and know-how: 35 ongoing products, always ready for quick deliveries, proposed in almost 1000 different colours, visible also in the new site.

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