Conceria Montebello: heartfelt passion and intelligent hands“Fifty years ago my father looked to the future and gave life to this company: If he could see it today, I am sure he would be proud of it, but despite its great achievements to date, he would still ask: what’s next?”

Oct 13, 2017
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It is with these words that Gianfranco delle Mese, owner of Conceria Montebello in Montebello Vicentino, begins the film celebrating the 50th anniversary of the company, with the company’s sight set on the future and its next 50 years of activity. This timeline is also the basis for the brand new FW 2018-19 collection, which was presented at Lineapelle with the name Collezione 2067 in tribute to it.


Over the next fifty years, technology will evolve, but will the hands responsible for manipulating it be just as intelligent? – he asks. Maybe in the future robots will be responsible for doing all the work, thus eliminating human error, but I hope this is not the case, because without errors there would be no desire to make progress: the quality of ideas will be the leading value of tomorrow.

conceria-montebello-50-anni-1Passion, technology, creativity, and the human factor have always been key elements in shaping the history of Conceria Montebello, thus leading it to become one of the top brands in fashion, upholstery, and interior design. The company, which employs more than 200 people, exports its products to 3 continents worldwide, and is getting ready to surpass the 50-million-euro turnover mark. This is a huge leap forward from 1967, when Giuseppe dalle Mese first founded Conceria Montebello.

Historic highlights of the company include its transformation into a Limited Company in 1977; and the entry into the company of the founder’s son, Gianfranco Dalle Mese, in 1990, as the creative mind that steered the company towards a more fashion-oriented proposal. They were then joined by Giuseppe’s son-in-law, Filippo Brancati, who took over the business and administrative areas of the company. In 2000, the company was completely renovated thanks to the intervention of Giuseppe’s daughter, architect Nadia Delle Mese, who rationalised the entire production cycle and innovated the lines with new automated processes. Following this overhaul, the tannery achieved prestigious environmental and quality certifications. In 2011, also the warehouse became automated, while in 2016, a laboratory was built for conducting in-house tests.

Today, Conceria Montebello is positioned at the centre of a group that represents a ‘full circle’ leather supply chain, with the company’s acquisition of Gemata, leader in machinery for the textile and tanning industry, and the foundation of Studioart, which is specialized in leathers for interior design.

conceria-montebello-50-anni-4Conceria Montebello is also extremely attentive to sustainability and has heavily invested in energy savings and in reduced environmental impact over the last six years:

Thanks to solar panel installations covering the building and the cogeneration system, the tannery is almost completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity consumption. – explains Gianfranco Delle Mese. We have a highly efficient computerized monitoring system that controls gas, water and electricity consumption, thus allowing us to eliminate waste. We also have an in-house pre-treatment purification plant and water-recycling system, as well as LED and LED inverter lighting systems for greater energy savings. Finally, we were the first tannery worldwide to introduce Airlite, the revolutionary paint that absorbs pollutants and purifies the air: for all intents and purposes, we have transformed the tannery into a 4,500-square-metre forest!

The 50th anniversary festivities of Conceria Montebello were held on 10 October in the Palladian setting of Villa da Porto “La Favorita” at Monticello di Fara – Sarego, where the owners of the company celebrated this extremely prestigious occasion with their employees and customers.
And now what? What plans does the company have for the future?

We are looking ahead to the next 50 years!

Conceria Montebello

Giuseppe Dalle Mese left for France to seek his fortune and found work in a wire drawing factory in Le […]

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