Davos, real sustainabilityThe concepts of recycling and eco-sustainability are absolutely inherent in the company Davos. Real, actual concepts; not concepts that are only theoretical.

Feb 18, 2019

_s__4823Davos is an integral part of the New economic production system that thinks it can be self-sustaining, and that therefore thinks it is, by definition, connected to the actual concept of Circular Economy.

Furthermore, the respect of every parameter concerning European and international law (Reach – California Convention) with regard to harmful substances is itself a fundamental and integral part of the Davos System, which, with its products, guarantees and reassures every potential buyer.

It is clear that the series of novelties presented by Davos at Lineapelle does not deal only with new types of painting, but also with new mixes, new solutions, new products for a constructive approach to new markets.

In this context, the Treviso company proposes new solutions for the next S/S 2020 season.

davos-detail-ss2020-img_4252In Thunit, interesting Range completions on families of already existing items: Vellux Pink, already widely appreciated by the American market; Garden Ivory, a semi-gloss, cloudy-effect rubber for the summer, has been confirmed and is requested especially on a preformable base; Laser Luxor Volka is relaunched, strongly requested back by trendsetters for its soft touch and its thermosensitivity. There is also a small series of Basic items, perfect for all those brands that pay special attention to prices.

The Vegan Sole: the success of these rubber sheets continues. They have everything to be compatible with a production of Shoes called “vegan”, since inside, they have no elements of animal origin and propose themselves as an important link in the chain of the Circular Economy.

In the world of sport, many collaborations with leading brands are being consolidated, both in Free Climbing and in Trekking, where Davos’s Qualitative Leadership has been widely recognized, and where the number of proposals is increased and customized, especially with regard to the specifications required for certain types of performance. The item STICK, already widely tested and customized by various top clients of the sector, comes basically in 4 different types: Stick Plus – basic product; Technostick – rubber for indoor shoes; Stick Zero – rubber for those who demand the best in terms of performance; Stick Green – rubber obtained by recovering production scraps. Furthermore, in the world of Motorcycling, attention has been paid in various ways to the realization of making new soles, both as far as design is concerned and as far as mixes are concerned.

Davos S.p.A. http://www.davos.it/index.php

Davos Spa – Rubber Industry is a footwear market leader for rubber sheets and soles manufacturing. A great management team […]

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