Dedicated to fashionThrough its Research and Development department, Coats Opti has developed new cutting-edge products that combine practicality with beauty: Lux Hydro F and S Hydro F.

Dec 23, 2018

image-3Ergonomics, a science that studies practicality and functionality, is increasingly becoming a need, even aesthetically.

Lux Hydro F combines these two different aspects: the elegance of metal and the technical characteristics of PU coated tape. The water-repellent component of the tape is perfect for visible applications, while the pre-cut and galvanized metal teeth give an elegant, yet bold look.

Lux Hydro F is the only zip with the perfect bonding of the polyester tape to the edges of the textile and is available in all galvanic finishes as well as in sizes of 6 and 8.

The well-known textile spiral zip, S, by Coats Opti is now also available with an innovative technology that spreads a polyester film on the textile, making the zip absolutely water repellent and resistant. In addition, the “zero-grin” tape eliminates the central distance between the two half-chains, ensuring perfect adhesion of the two ends for truly unrivalled protection against water penetration. S Hydro F is available in three versions: S40, S60, and S80. As an alternative, it is also possible to request the classic RT spiral zip sewn with bonded polyester film.


Coats is a manufacturer of threads and zip fasteners. Coats products range from sewing and embroidery threads, in a wide range […]

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