Desma and Atlas for innovationThe seventh Desma machine of Atlas Schuhfabrik located in Dortmund, specialized in safety shoes, becomes operational.

Jun 08, 2018

atlas_flash_4000_imageBlack, heavy and uncomfortable: for many years safety shoes have not enjoyed an excellent reputation. This cliché, however, is no longer sustainable given that today the market demands resistant models, with super-secure tips and soles, in a lightweight, fashionable design and quality construction. It is no longer just a question of safety: footwear must be breathable, cushioning and comfortable. Requests that today can be satisfied thanks to new materials and modern production processes.

The family-owned company Atlas Schuhfabrik located in Dortmund is well aware of this market evolution. Founded in 1910 by Johannes Schabsky, Atlas is today one of the leading European manufacturers of safety footwear. Every day it produces 12,000 pairs, reaching 2.4 million a year. The fourth and fifth generation of the founding family manages a workforce of 1,500 people all over the world and, given the steady growth in demand, has decided to expand its production capacity by equipping, at the beginning of 2018, a fully automated DESMA carousel. “The new system will enable Atlas to produce even faster, to be more flexible and less expensive”, explains DESMA Managing Director Klaus Freese.

atlas_sicherheitsschuh_produktion_2018-5_lowWith 36 stations and 7 robots, DESMA’s highly automated production line, amir (automated material supply with integrated robots), is currently the largest and most modern machine for direct printing offered by the company of Achim.
Moreover, it is equipped with the “Smart Shopfloor” system thanks to which all operating data of the machine can be stored in a database and consulted remotely via smartphone.

Atlas is one of the first companies to use this software:

No matter where I am, I always know exactly what’s going on in the factory, I can check the details of the individual stations or simply request an overview, it’s really practical

says Hendrik Schabsky of Atlas.
The Desma machine will allow Atlas to make a further technological leap forward and consolidate its market position, which has doubled its sales volume and increased its export shares by up to 25% over the last 10 years.

38614 DESMA Hausmesse Logo_final Kopie

The now familiar appointment with innovation, hosted every two years by Desma at his Achim headquarters in Germany, will take place from September 19 to 20.

Revolutionary software solutions, new production technologies, pioneering automation tools and customization of mass production footwear. These are some of the topics on which the event will focus, without forgetting, of course, the key theme of Industry 4.0. In addition to the 50 co-exhibitors in the supply sector, Desma is expecting more than 700 specialised visitors.

Desma Schuhmaschinen

DESMA was founded in 1946 and produces shoe machinery. 70 years of constant technological innovations enable DESMA to offer a full range […]

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